TeamXbox: Rocket Riot Hands-On Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Xbox Live Arcade is a hotbed of interesting games. You can find old classic coin-ops brought back, as well as innovative and unique titles that might not have ever had the chance to be seen by the gaming public, if not for a lower-priced medium such as XBLA. Some are downright weird or goofy-N+ and Cloning Clyde come to mind as good examples-though with eye-catching style and gameplay that draw you in to try them out. (And XBLA does also enable you to try games out with no obligation nor cost.)

If it weren't for XBLA, the world might not have seen a game like Rocket Riot-and, granted, while you can't "see" it now, rest assured it'll be here soon enough given its planned August release. In the meantime, TeamXbox would like to bring you a taste of what weird and wacky is in store from THQ and Dutch developer Codeglue."

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