IGN: SingStar Vol. 2 AU Review - Sony attempts to broaden its Karaoke franchise even further

IGN AU writes: "SingStar, with its impossibly beautiful lifestyle shots, featuring ludicrously attractive models you'll never have sex with, in houses you couldn't possibly afford, all decorated in a style that, quite frankly, you don't have the taste to pull off, can be a bit of a depressing notion. It's like the reality check of all reality checks. You may think you have the kind of silky voicebox that makes chicks swoon and Marvin Gaye twist nervously in his grave, but the sad truth is you sound exactly like what you are – a poor, possibly overweight, possibly bespectacled average Joe.

Yep, much like other 'lifestyle-y' games, such as Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Brain Training and the like, SingStar Vol 2 is constantly telling you how crap you are at life in general – but the good news is, you'll probably have an awesome time, even as you watch the last remnants of your self esteem dissipate into thin air.

Because SingStar is fun – in much the same way that Karaoke is – as an amusing form of torture to be inflicted upon your friends and family. Getting your Gran to try and bust out some Eminem verses, or your girlfriend to sing some song she's obviously never heard of, SingStar is only dull when someone is actually any good – and at its most delightful as a celebration of just how absolutely terrible you and all your mates are at singing."

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