7 Unanswered Questions in Destiny

8CN: To the surprise of many, Destiny feels strangely uninterested in its own story. There's a huge amount of lore hidden away in the Tower and Grimoire, but overall, the game doesn't really spend a whole lot of time explaining things to you. By the end of it, there are way more mysteries than there are answers.

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GoPanthers9991555d ago

#1 Why is this game so d*mn bad?
#2 What did you do with all that money, drugs or prostitutes, or both?
#3 Why does the AI have no AI? Stand still, bounce side to side or simply turn and shoot in your general direction, that is not AI.
# 4 Where did the story go? Like the hype live action movies, you couldn't weave those in to the game.
#5 Was this originally a Skylanders game that got canned?
#6 What happened to all the talent that created Halo?
# 7 Are you buying more drugs and money with all the money you've made from the poor fools you duped into buying this garbage?

3-4-51555d ago

I've been having fun the entire time.

I wonder how many of these posts and topics are just trolls saying this on purpose?

ScottyHoss1555d ago

I may not agree with a word GoPanthers99 said but it's his opinion of the game. I think it's the most addicting game I've ever played, not everyone is going to like the game.

BX811555d ago

Excellent game in my opinion.

Godmars2901555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

At least gave this one a funny. Though you were probably serious.

On a more serious, unfunny note, this game is primarily a sci-fi FPS. With a story that, like the show Lost or games before it such as Mass Effect, has elements which have been pulled out of someone's backside. Ones made ultimately unimportant because they'll either be leaked and/or featured in someone Lets-play Youtube video.

ForgottenProphecy1555d ago

When is this game going to start being fun?

generalthadeape1555d ago

Well, at least for me, the game got "fun" the minute I took the game back to GameStop.

Seriously, there should be an achievement called "I've seen the light" (worth 1000 gamerscore points) where it unlocks the first time you take the game out of your system and play something else.

I traded this game in Friday before everyone else does so I could maximize the trade in value. Paid the difference in price and picked up the newest iteration of Diablo III.

Let me tell you-- the difference between the two games is like night & day. Blizzard can tell a story like no one else and the amount of loot that is dropped is so insane!

I know that there are a lot of gamers that really enjoy this game. But for me, I just couldn't get rid of it fast enough.

martinezjesus19931555d ago

If you would have actually given the game a chance like you were supposed to you would have noticed that by the time you get to the higher levels you get plenty of loot, very good loot. As for story telling, Destiny's is not good but ill tell you one thing, its better than Diablo 3! By ALOT!! There is absolutely no story in Diablo 3 at all.

kratoz12091555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Seriously bungie did a shit job telling a story and I don't wanna buy episodic content to find out at least a few of these questions.
They should release more story content for free
They have made enough money on the hype

Shadonic1555d ago

I love Destiny but i agree, so far its a crap telling of the a story with a lot of lore.

desertpunk861555d ago

how to refund a digital game?

mx1041555d ago

It sure feels like it lacks story. Gameplay is really fun but Destiny 2 needs to be a big improvement on the story and lore being told. Sidequests given by npcs roaming the worlds, better bounties such as killing a certain individual without the need of a strike mission, deeper caves/areas to explore such as the ones in skyrim. Still a really fun shooter and im looking forward to more content to come

Trekster_Gamer1555d ago

They will have a hard sell with Destiny 2 after pulling the wool over so many paying customers eyes.

Now is the time to embrace Halo games.

jts18911555d ago

Except, most of the people I know who've actually played the game love it. Most of the people who complain about it and bash it haven't even tried it, and are basing their opinions on reviews or videos on Twitch or Youtube.

martinezjesus19931555d ago

Thats how it is jts1891. All my friends are currently enjoy the hell of this game, i trully dont understand the hate on it.

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