Cruel Twitch Chat Malware is Stealing Everything From Gamers’ Steam Accounts

An unusual kind of malware that wipes everything out of users' Steam account is being advertised via the chat feature of an immensely popular video game live-streaming website called Twitch. The malware first tricks its target and then logs into the Steam account of the target and wipes everything including the linked wallet, and any valuable items.

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Serrafina1256d ago

That's scary. Sometimes, I don't bother with links in public chat until I feel comfortable with the website. Now, I'm not so sure.

Mega241255d ago

I never click any links given by people in chats or comment sections. Paranoid like that.

randomass1711255d ago

Not paranoid, just smart.

UltimateMaster1255d ago

Getting hacked not good for anyone.
They need to fix it.

sungam3d1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Yeah man, you can never be to careful.

I use this guide to protect me 100% !

DarkBlood1256d ago

A potential site to now avoid

Frisky1255d ago

Avoiding won't do any good. Twitch is a great site, you just have to be careful on the internet.

SuperBlur1255d ago

Doesn't pertain to just Twitch , someone could post the same link here aswell


N4G is not safe !! RUNN! HIDE YO WIFE N KEED!!

/s for those who dont get it

teknx1255d ago

Is a way to combat this just to log out of twitch when your not on the site?

infamous-butcher1255d ago

dont click any links that you dont trust. The same thing you should be doing on every site.

Gamerbeyond1255d ago

if your going to blindly click links in twitch chat, then may god have mercy on your soul.

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The story is too old to be commented.