08 Most Irritating Video Game Characters from Great Games

EasyGuidez: Here we are with the list of 08 most Irritating Video Game Chracters From Great Games.

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Tango111434d ago

Belethor and Waluigi were useless characters...

rocking-dude1434d ago

There are some very borring name included to the list

Roshanish1434d ago

Ashley and elena both are most irritating girls from video games

CloudRap1434d ago

That general guy from Halo 4

Mutant-Spud1434d ago

Lymle from Star Ocean: The Last Hope.
Makoto from Enchanted Arms.
James Heller from Prototype 2.

FantasyStar1433d ago

Makoto was my most favorite character because he sells the role so well. The rest I agree with you on.

Mutant-Spud1433d ago

I just found him irritating.

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The story is too old to be commented.