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Kevin VanOrd:
It's called the Black Garden. You see it from a clifftop above, gazing across the blooming acres through a thick green haze, and imagine the sights that might be seen there, and the adventures you might have there. The reality of the garden is sadly never better than the stories you might make up in your head when you look down at it. What you see is a facade; the garden is a broken promise of adventures you never have and landscapes never explored, and it represents the whole of Destiny, a multiplayer shooter that cobbles together elements of massively multiplayer games but overlooks the lessons developers of such games learned many years ago. I dream of the tales that might one day be told in that sprawling expanse, but Destiny is not yet telling them.

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Walker1075d ago

wow, shot fired . what the hell is going on in bungie ? seriously !

i will not buy Destiny :/

christocolus1075d ago

I'm surprised too. I've made a lot of purchases based on gamespot&cvg reviews and 85% of the time i made the right choice. Many of my friends have been waiting to see gamespot and igns reviews before making up their minds on destiny. My brother got the game at launch he says its a good game but i think i will skip it. If later in the future bungie is able to add more content&stir the game up in a good way then maybe i'll be ready to invest in it but for now ill spend my cash somewhere else. Still waiting to see what ign and cvg score the game though.

GamingSinceThe80s1075d ago

Im kind of trapped into keeping it because I bought the LE for $100 with the two dlc expansions.So if I trade it back in at Gamestop by Oct 8th I will get $40 back.That said Im having fun with the game but fear it won't last once I beat it.I will most likely trade just the disc in and buy or rent it again sometime after the dlc comes out so I get some of my moneys worth out of it.But I am never buying dlc in advance ever again no matter what game it is thats for damn sure.

KYPRIME1075d ago

people like you are destroying the gaming, waiting for other approval to buy a fking game, and you still call yourself a gamer?? you should be ashamed of yourself

vishmarx1075d ago

ohkaayy everybody stay calm...theres gotta be an explanation

(goes back to playing FF14)........

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1075d ago

lol its a great game sad that ppl base their decision off of a single persons review.. or a couple websites.. just lol.. these guys arent PROs theyre just journalists.. its about having fun and this game delivers.

reviews dont just base it on fun factor.. but they look for every little error in the game or a missing feature. sad

chazjamie1075d ago

The main problem with the game is that it is designed around DLC. If this game had the player in mind, it would of had split screen, it would of never had expansion passes. This game did not have the player in mind and that's pathetic considering the fact that bungie has a track record of being nothing but loyal to their fans. I'm sorry but i hope this game goes silent and follow's the route diablo 3 (meaning they create an ultimate evil edition). Even though i am pretty sure that wont save it.

ABizzel11075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

If you liked the beta, then that's pretty much what the game is.....but for hours and hours....over and over again.

I didn't pay anything for it, so I can't have buyer's remorse, but if I payed $60 for it I might. I don't think I'm going to review it, and I think a 6/10 is too low, but it's definitely in that 7 range IMO, at best 8.5.

It's a well put together game, it's just all around lackluster in story, epicness, and wow moments. It's like playing a quest game with no real progression besides seeing your character level up and getting new weapons.

I'll trade it in soon.

Magnes1075d ago

Like I should care what gamespot rates a game all these review sites are corrupt getting paid off or scoring higher if their friends make the game. My personal opinion is all these sites are mad Bungie didn't give early review copies.

Army_of_Darkness1075d ago

This game has seriously confusing mixed reviews.... Well, So much for COD killer. Do I have any takers??

StanLee1075d ago

How does Titanfall have a metascore of 86 and Destiny get's slammed by critics for being hollow?? SMH, the gaming media continues to make itself a joke. Gamespot gave Titanfall a 9/10 but turns around and calls Destiny shallow! What a freaking joke!

guitarded771075d ago


CoD MW3 8.5
CoD Ghosts 8
CoD Black Ops 9

I hated FFXIII (personally). I thought every CoD game has been nothing more than DLC with more DLC. The interesting thing is when I compare Destiny to other shooters, it seems like I'm getting my money's worth so far.

It has amazing co-op, diverse locations (different planets), it looks good, it has great controls, and it has a lot of leveling, guns, armor, ships, side quests, etc. Sure I'd like all the future DLC in one $60 package, but Destiny offers more than CoD in game modes and enhancements, and CoD charges $60 for the game with another 4 DLC's at another $60.

To me, Destiny feels like a hybrid of Halo and Resistance with a social hub to alleviate the PTSD inducing missions. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm also not bum rushing through it like a lot of gamers seem to do now days.

RedSky1075d ago

This is why you don't buy into publishers trying to make you preorder. Wait until the game comes out, decide if it looks good, THEN decide if you want to buy it.

4Sh0w1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Damm I am really shocked right now. I mean 4 of my coworkers got the game day 1 and all them have been telling me how cool it is but its crazy to see it doing so poorly with reviews and I usually agree with Gamespot 8 out 10 times but there's just no way this game is a 6. What's going on?

bouzebbal1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

guys, rent the game if you are sceptical. It might just be a game that didn't live up to its hype and expectations were so high. Nothing says it's a bad game. i'm sure the media overdo it a little bit as always!

donthate1075d ago

Against my reservations, I doubled down $90 on the digital edition for the Xbox One and greatly regret it.

This game is soooo soulless, the story bland, the game mechanics solid, but the enemies boring, and the entire experience is just unengaging.

Everytime I see a story about Destiny, I cringe at the $90 I wasted buying into the hype despite my reservation after the beta and sh!t treatment from Bungie.

That said, a 6 out of 10 is low, very low, but that is what happens when hype doesn't meet reality.


Why does Titanfall has a score of 86? It is because it is a fantastic game that I have been playing since the beta.

The mechanics are fun! Destiny's mechanic is solid, but everything else makes it at best slightly above average game (and I am being generous).

ForgottenProphecy1075d ago

Why are people so mad that some people base their purchases on reviews? Sure, one reviewer's opinion is understandable, but when every reviewer is saying the same thing (aka repetitive, nothing new, terrible story) than can you blame somebody for passing on this game?

warczar1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Way to let some butthole lookin for hits on his website make decisions for you. I'm not saying the game is perfect but is in no way a 6 out of 10. I can't believe how whiny games journalism has gotten.

PONTIAC08G8GT1075d ago


I love when people say "how did Titanfall score better, that game sucks!"

So since you think TF sucks it shouldn't be scored as high? The general reviews for Titanfall were 8-9's and some 10's. Most Destiny reviews have been 6-7 score with a few 8's. Sorry but I enjoyed playing TF way way more than Destiny which got old after a couple hours. Say what you want about TF not having a single player, graphics weren't phenomenal, but the gameplay was addictive, refreshing, and new. What about Desinty is truly new? Also, majority of those comparing Destiny to TF are probably PS users who are still sour that TF was only on Xbox.

UltimateMaster1075d ago

Gamespot is a Xbox fanboy pool just like N4G is pro PS4.

2cents1074d ago

Chris, there comes a time when we need to grow a back bone and make decisions for ourselves. Destiny is such a call. With such a unique game its hard to gain perception based on other opinions as this is a new experience for consoles. Try it if your a fan of fps's or mmo's. Its a mixture of the both. Buy it, play it. If you don't like it, trade it in for a small loss.

Personally as a fan of halo and bungie, I feel this is a good progression for them and me as a gamer. It feels sooooo halo, but has enough individuality to be judged as such. Its not a reinvention of the wheel but its fresh enough to feel 'different' and I'm pleased that bungie are shooting for the moon (literally:).

[email protected] the reviewers, they need clicks, we don't. We want to play games, they need to earn a living.
Jump in, or trade in.

BinaryMind1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

Websites like Gamespot and CVG have multiple reviewers, so following a site's reviews to make your purchasing decisions is foolish. Each reviewer is going to approach a review in a different way even if they work for the same site. Gamespot is not a hivemind and they have a mix between bad and good reviewers just like most other sites.

Dee_911074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

Seems like a rent from gamefly for me.I was going to pick this up next week.not too sure now after reviews and a few friends basically telling me it gets boring fast..

wsoutlaw871074d ago

i played the beta and liked it so I bought the game and like it. I dont care if gamestop doesnt. Most of the reasons for bad reviews is that they expected something else. I played and and enjoy it for what it is. It doesnt need to be the greatest game ever for me too play it but thats how some feel about destiny for what ever reason.

BLuTheSecond1074d ago

I had a feeling this wasn't going to meet the hype based on the beta. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the beta, but I couldn't see myself playing the game for more than a week or two which is not worth the $60 price.

Kidmyst1074d ago

I'm having fun with Destiny but have my gripes, like not being able to buy a vehicle with a gun on it, and leveling up in Vanguard Ranks and such takes forever. I wished what I did in the MP counted to my crucible rank more than completing tasks "kill 25 titans with melee" stuff like that. I'm a gamer who enjoys a game SP and MP and after playing it a bunch move on. I'll be done with Destiny well before I rank up in most everything, the repetitive grinding gets old to me. That'll be what does this game in for me.

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Sayai jin1075d ago

I would not let a review(s) stop me or make me buy a game. With that said, WOW! Thats not a good score at all, especially for the fact that this is supposed to be an AAA!

ScottyHoss1075d ago

It's amazing, my friend compared it to how he felt about halo when it came out, he was in awe of everything about it from the world/universe to the gameplay, seriously 7/7 of my friends who have bought it (all consoles, ps or xb), have fallen in love with it.

GameStop, you're just angry they didn't give you "journalists" a review copy. What a joke.

trancefreak1074d ago

I actually like this games co op mode, but I do not like the crucible MP tie in. I don't think it the ranking system should have a mix between crucible and the co op to increase rank. I believe this should be separated but assuming already that it is to late because this is the way the game is structured.

The Multiplayer portion is okay, but could get boring real quick.

wsoutlaw871074d ago

separating co op and crucible ranks would have been stupid. If you don't like the mp then it shouldn't matter to you but people that play both want to play with their own character they have been working on. After a certain point the rank doesn't matter too much.

x_RadicalAura_x1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

I can't quite put my finger on Destiny from the time I've played so far. I do love how dynamic the world is and it's seriously impressive to think about all of the matchmaking, hosting, etc. that underlies it all without getting in the way. But on the other hand, there's a meh part of it too. I guess it just gets a little repetitive maybe? I just need to keep playing it more... It's definitely a worthwhile experience or I would've stopped playing.

I'd say no less than a 7/10 at this point but whether it has the chance to be an 8/10 or 9/10, I can't tell until I sink more hours into it. 10/10 or even a 9.5/10 are out of the cards IMO.

Sayai jin1075d ago

Good points.
The game is very ambitious, but it has a certain void at times.

GamingSinceThe80s1075d ago

I hate that they make you repeat areas constantly.If not for that one thing I feel like I would be having a far better time.They say they spent years and hundreds of millions just to make me play in the same damn place over and over again.I kind of feel like we all got 'Punked'.