Analysis of Americas Sales for the Week Ending June 14, 2008

VGChartz writes: "The launch ballyhoo of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4 pushed PS3 hardware sales above 5.0 million units in the Americas this week. Walmart's discount deal and the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle boosted PS3 unit sales for the week to over 120,000 units. That compares to about 45,000 PS3s sold last week, an impressive improvement. The boost allowed PS3 to outsell Wii by a small margin, and to double Xbox 360 sales for the week. Next week will be telling, as PS3 hardware sales will drop substantially as the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundles disappear, and the impact of the Walmart deal wear off.

Year over year trends show amazing, and unsustainable growth for the PS3. Last year, PS3 in the midst of its momentum low point, sold fewer than 25,000 units. This year, in the aftermath of price cuts, Grand Theft Auto IV, new SKUS, Metal Gear Solid 4, it sold over 120,000 units, meaning it literally sold five times better than last year. As PS3 sales dip in the coming weeks and PS3 sales in 2007 in the year over year comparison improve starting with the July price drop, PS3 should begin to see less improvement year over year."

.........6/14/08........6/16/07....YoY Change


- Metal Gear Solid 4 sold to nearly 1 in 10 Americas PS3 owners in its first week of sales.

- Nearly 5.5 million Xbox 360 & PS3 owners have Grand Theft Auto IV in the Americas, meaning roughly 1/3 of the combined base owns the game.

- Wii is about 600,000 units shy of lifetime Gamecube sales in the Americas.

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pimpstation3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Good to see so many people Jumping Out so they can PLAY B3YOND.

PoSTedUP3832d ago

yes sir, but im not worried.

at the end of act 4 my total playing time is 28:37:56 and thats only on solid normal, AND i still have one more act to go, i cant wait to play it on hard.

chaosatom3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Last time vgcharts made it so that xbox sold more units, but actually it was the ps3 that sold more.

Now vgcharts indicates that ps3 sold more, so I can only imagine the real numbers.

ThanatosDMC3832d ago

VGcharts is actually just a robot Patcher on a computer spitting out random numbers.


pwnsause3832d ago

like the patriots!!! they control the system!!!

Silogon3832d ago

what's stupid, to me anyways, is the fact that Ps3 has outsold the xbox 360 for 3 months straight all over the world, not just overall. Yet, they're still only at 13.5 million units sold. How many 100,000 thousand weeks and 1 million months does it take for Vgcharts to push the ps3 up to 14 million?

Oh, I know now. I get it. They wanna wait until the xbox 360 hits 20 million sold before they adjust the ps3 sales numbers because then it'll look better. It'll look like a 6 million lead to any idle eye stopper who stops into their site.

Bias media makes me sick! I don't care if Ps3 sold 3 million units and 5 million mgs4's this month, Vgcharts would still have them at 13.9 until christmas.

karlostomy3832d ago

the 360 was announced 19 million sold 5 months ago....

PimpHandHappy3832d ago

this is VGcharts right


maybe games can push systems! Bladestar was thinking he made a point today


last act and about done....great game

best ever for me


mistertwoturbo3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

They should rename the website to

VG Make Random Guesses And Hope Its Close To Being Right

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