You Can Now Watch the Super Smash Bros. 3DS Footage from Nintendo's Treehouse Livestream

For eight hours, Nintendo livestreamed gameplay footage for upcoming titles from the Treehouse, which of course included the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. 3DS.

That footage is now available to watch in a new video.

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trenso11530d ago

anyone have a code for me please?

live2play1530d ago

ok so im in NA. i have this code that i gave away. i asked if it had worked but they havent replied. maybe they are too busy playing smash xD or they havent read my comment.

you can try this one, maybe they havent used it. let me know

trenso11528d ago

lmao sorry been playing it so much but it worked for me

live2play1528d ago

thats good! xD. im playing it alot too. i usually just just "final destination" mode when i play so theres no items. and just 1 on 1. i cant wait for the full game.
the 3D looks great and the game is so fluid and crisp. screenshots and videos on the internet dont do the game justice.

trenso11528d ago

they certainly don't i wish there was a 6th character but that might just be me being greedy lol. Megaman plays a lot better than i thought he would and link and a buff since brawl I can honestly say any doubts I had about the 3ds version are gone now.

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