Five New Tears to Tiara II Characters Revealed Alongside Massive Gameplay Trailer

Atlus just announced five new characters for their strategy RPG Tears of Tiara II, one of which is a smarmy engineer. They also released a colossal gameplay video clocking in around thirty-five minutes.

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kalkano1433d ago

I don't understand this. They went through the trouble of fully animating the characters...then they STILL put the still-frame character portraits in front of them. While watching the trailer, I constantly wanted to push the pictures out of the way so I could see the GAME! It's so frustrating!

MeteorPanda1432d ago

the pictures should be on the sides not bam right in the middle!

what were they thinking? lol

kalkano1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

I still think I'm actually going to buy this. I hadn't even heard of it until a few days ago. It doesn't look great, but decent I'm desperate for this type of game.

I just started watching the anime, to see if the story is interesting.