Rockstar Explains Why GTA V PC Is Delayed, Needs More Development Time To Be Amazing & Polished

Ah, the delay of GTA V PC has sparked lots of discussions about it. And contrary to what most people believed, Rockstar went ahead and officially explained why the PC version has been delayed. According to the company, this particular version needs more development time in order to be amazing and polished as possible.

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Enemy1530d ago

Proof that it wasn't the lead platform then?

WilliamUsher1530d ago

Probably just PR speak.

The files on the 360 indicated that the 7th gen consoles were pared down.

A lot of the default settings were scaled for PC, and at the time the PS4 and Xbox One OS code weren't implemented. So, yeah. Take from that what you will.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1530d ago

lol PC isnt that important only PC fanboys think it is.

ShaunCameron1530d ago

@ PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt

PC hasn't been that important for the last 30 years.

Imalwaysright1530d ago

And yet PC gaming makes more money than consoles.

starchild1530d ago

@ PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt

Lol talk about delusion...

DevilOgreFish1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

ShaunCameron- "PC hasn't been that important for the last 30 years."

Console manufactures pretty much get their tech from PC. PC is the backbone of all technology industries. if the PC market wasn't booming in development everyone would be funding proprietary technology out of their own pockets.

Daniel_Potter1530d ago

Past 30 years?
You do know that without pc there would be no FPS and Western RPG's
There would be no Elder Scrolls, no Fallout, no Halo, no Killzone, no Call of Duty. Infact, i doubt that consoles would be as big as they are right now without Call of Duty.
Companies like Blizzard, Irrational, Bethesda, Bioware wouldn't exist without pc.
So yeah, be grateful for all that pc has done for the gaming industry.

Finally thanks to steam, pc has evolved. It became fully digital. Digital distribution has it plus'es
the fact that it doesn't cost you anything to make a digital copy and steam only takes 30% share. That's why pc games are likely to have a -75% discount just a year after it's release. It doesn't cost anything to make the game, so that discount doesn't make you loose money, in fact you may actually make much more on sale than on release.
And also that digital stores never run out of copies and no matter how much time will pass, the game will still continue to sell on pc.
So you are basically making money out of thin air with digital distribution. The further the technology will evolve, the more money it will take to make an AAA title. Less games are likely to miss out pc cause of it's unique selling technique. And i guess it will stay exclusive to pc for quite a while, considering what happened at E3 with X1.
PC will always stay relevant. If it hadn't AAA publishers would have abandoned it just like Wii U.
ps: before you bring up piracy. What about used games on consoles? When someone buys a used game 0% of his money goes to developer, just like with piracy. I guess it's not big of a deal then.

nirwanda1530d ago

@imalwaysright have you seen the gta series sales console vs pc.

nirwanda1530d ago

@Danielpotter you have Tolkien and dungeons and dragons to thank for western rpgs, and I was playing stuff like elite, mercenary, castlemaster and even as far back as battlezone before doom and wolfenstien.

nirwanda1530d ago

Lol at the dissagrees without a counter argument, take twos financial results from last year show only 3% of all their revenue came from PC sales.
Ubisoft claim PC sales are down 90%.
EA don't do all that well on PC etc.
And steam reveal sales figures but financial results from major companies seem to show sales are better on console.

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ajax171530d ago

They probably just don't want another GTA IV situation on their hands.

tee_bag2421530d ago

Hopefully. GTA4 on PC was quite a mess for people just wanting to play it out of the box.

NarooN1530d ago

Definitely. That was one of the worst PC ports in recent history.

If Max Payne 3's PC version is anything to go by, GTA V PC should be pretty damned stable.

tee_bag2421530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Yeah I have my doubts that it would be the lead platform. However I think Rockstars have the talent to make all platforms punch above their weight. They did a stellar job with the last gen copies and I'm sure they intended from the beginning to bring it to newer platforms. So hopefully PC guys get a efficient port instead of having to bruteforce.

AD7051530d ago

yeah pc is so unimportant that consoles are copying pc gaming in many aspects which today we get that in the form of pc centric like consoles such as the ps4 and xboxone that are like pcs in there own way.

Dee_911530d ago

I thought the proof was when R* supposedly said ps3 was the lead platform?

joab7771530d ago

No. It will be fine. And it will be around for yrs thanks to mods etc. Let them take time. The other two are being finished for a Christmas release. Thats all.

hiredhelp1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Alot of kids imature comments on N4G.
You have your right to make comments slag off PC but differnce between thinking you know and knowing the Facts.
Wich even i dont know but can try my thoughts as to why.. todays gaming is centerd around Console development First FACT.
Obviously this is down to buisness think about it you spend millions on a IP you want to get most money back from that day, You know one platform sell well you may get back your money it took to make the IP but as a company greedy corp BEEPS they gonna want get most day 1 that be consoles.
Does that make PC less better Hell no it judt means they turnover a huge profit faster out the gate.
Now for me knowing rockstar learnt there mistake last time GTAIV not do shoddy port i rather wait have a well coded well made game.
Only few devs today deveolpe for PC first sadly but this isnt down to tye devs this down to who pays your wages.
Trust me my choice platform will be PC ill skip my ps4 version this no bad thing as plenty games on my ps4 like destiny atm.
But when comes to eye candy when have good Rig nothin like optimisation tweaking graphics options thats without Mods.
PC on last note very important as the devs said thenselvs they pc gamers play all consoles even smart phones. Get overyourselvs ppl please think before you speak kiddish responses. We all gamers lets just get on and yes we had no pc you have no games period.

Magicite1530d ago

and I thought they are afraid of pirates, so they are releasing it later for PC, so ps4,x1 can make some money first.

r1sh121530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

For rockstar PC is never the lead platform from development time scales, but it always out performs on every level technically when the game comes out.
Im not even a PC fanboy, its the truth.
Every GTA after 3 were on consoles first.
As the games got bigger the PC version took longer and longer to release

@ShaunCameron - PC makes more money than the consoles combined

MWMonroe23951530d ago

It doesn't matter when it's released we all know PC gamers aren't going to buy it until its like 90% off... Cheap pieces of $4!7

RumbleFish1529d ago

It seems, you don't like PC gamers. :D

This might be jealousy. ;)

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luis_spartano1530d ago

Just PR speak.

Everybody knows that it was delayed due to high piracy on PC.

Vegamyster1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Which is why Steam, GoG, Gamersgate, Greenmangaming, Getgame, Amazon Digital, Gamefly are doing so well.

redey31530d ago

And yet, even though those sites are having it well, the piracy on the PC is still the most prominent among the platforms. OF all the multiplatform titles ( which came roughly at the same time on all platforms ) THE PC has the LESS SOLD copies = THE PC makes the least profit for AAA titles. So it's kinda easy logic then that the developers ship their games to consoles first, or only to consoles, no?

Just tossing some numbers:
Watch dogs PS4: 2.47 million
Xone: 1.05 million
PS3: 1.14 million
x360: 850k

PC: Only 180k


PS4 1.77 mill
Xone 850k
X360 2.73 mill
PS3 2.70 mill

Or you know what, lets check Skyrim. The game PC gamers love so much to mod that they dont even want to buy the original version:

x360: 8.60 mill
PS3: 5.65 mill
PC: 3.51 mill



Vegamyster1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


You do realize Valve who is the biggest digital distributor and others don't release digital sale information? How about you compare games where the PC version does better instead of Ubisoft games.

Diablo 3

PC - 20+ million

All consoles combined (360/PS3/Xone/PS4)

Less than 3 million

Yes piracy is bigger on the PC because it's easier to do then on a console but that doesn't mean games don't sell well, The Witcher dev CD Projekt Red said both Witcher games were pirated lots but they still sold over 7 million (1 & 2)

"Or you know what, lets check Skyrim. The game PC gamers love so much to mod that they dont even want to buy the original version"

What a uneducated statement, Skyrim is better in every way due to mods because it fixes the issues Bethesda LEFT that you yourself cannot fix on the console version. PS i own both the PS3/360 version as well (PS3 Launch, 360 on sale, PC Summer Sale) The PS3 version was the worst buggy mess of a game I've ever played mind you, slow load times, poor FPS, graphics textures wouldn't load, frequent crashes ect.

Unlike you i game on all systems where i see games that I'll enjoy, i just got my Vita in the mail the other day to play its backlog.

Your unnecessary condescending attitude is not needed, piracy is no longer a valid excuse and the link i posted saying revenue is higher then consoles proves that. If you still think it does that's not my problem, i guess devs shouldn't make games for consoles because of used games right?

ravensly1530d ago

@redey3 because people buy using steam and vgchartz doesnt record digital sales.

redey31530d ago

@Vegamyster you make no sense. Did you even read my comment? Because if you did you would probably notice the '' WHICH CAME ROUGHLY AT THE SAME TIME ON ALL PLATFORMS ''. Did diablo 3 come on pc and ps4/xone at the same time or at least a few months before? NO. IT came 2 years BEFORE the ps4/xone version. That's the first, the second is, if you ever played diablo you surely know it, is the HEAVILY based DRM system. So you need to be online to play that game! I just checked on torrentz and there is literally no working diablo 3 PC game. So it's basically impossible to play in pirate version. So, that's it. That just SHOWS how many py players there are who COULD buy the games but WONT if there's a working, easy-install PIRATED version. It's common logic. Now the part about Skyrim. You even didn't understand what I said there. By saying: ''he game PC gamers love so much to mod that they dont even want to buy the original version: '' doesn't mean that the mod sucks, just the opposite. The mods make the game dozen of times betters, even I bought skyrim on PC not on my PS3 because of the mods. But that's the ''joke''. I BOUGHT IT. I have a much better version of the game and I think it deserves to be bought, but NO, most pc players wont buy the game because they can EASILY pirate it. Just look at the sales of the PS3 version, which was bugged and with worse graphics.

These, my friends, is COMMON logic. For PC it is to easily to pirate, so a lot of people pirate. You cant find any multiplatform game which was sold more on the pc than the consoles, and that's really sad. ( again we are talking aboug a similar release date ).
I'm more of a PC player than a console player, but at least I admit it, after all, the numbers do the talking.

So the only ''uneducated statement'' is left by you, because, obviously, you can't read.


The same goes for psn and gold live. ;)

Vegamyster1530d ago

You continue to blame piracy but again PC revue is now higher on PC then consoles due to companies like Steam ect, there is NO accurate way to tell how many copies of PC game are sold because digital distributors don't post this information. I don't understand how you don't get this, piracy is an excuse just like the used game market.

"I just checked on torrentz and there is literally no working diablo 3 PC game. "

Go to Youtube and look for Diablo 3 cracks and you'll find one if you want, people have cracked versions of pretty much all online games from WoW to Runescape.

RumbleFish1529d ago

I will never understand the hate against PC.

To all you haters: save some money, build a PC on your own, play games. You'll never regret!

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TedCruzsTaint1530d ago

Piracy is certainly a thing on PC, but it's used as a scapegoat by many.
I find it hard to understand how PC is both a niche market, controlled by pirates . . . and yet Gamersgate, GoG and Greenman rake in many millions a year. Let alone Steam that rakes in over a billion a year, putting Newell himself in billionaire status.

Just getting tired of PC gaming being synonymous with piracy when there's an entire market proving otherwise.

tee_bag2421530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Its true. PC gaming is having a massive resurgence right now. So many people grew tired of last gens 10 year console cycle and invested in a gaming PC. Digital download software is making money hand over fist and is the model distribution model going forward whether we like it or not. Gaming hardware is also a booming industry and is helping drive innovation too. Neither PC or consoles are going to disappear. That should be pretty obvious by now. If either was to die the gaming industry as a whole would be worse off even though this can be a double edged sword.
Fanboyisms aside, we all have a favorite platform. Just deal with it.

Dee_911530d ago

True, but I don't think the market necessarily proves there aren't a lot of piracy but it does prove that even with the amount of piracy, lots or even more people still buy games.. which would also mean that its a huge number of people that play games on PC... all of Which would mean pc is far from irrelevant

joab7771530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

This is true but it's b/c many have adapted, similar to music etc. Steam makes so much money b/c they sell everything cheap and ppl buy everything...same philosophy behind microtransactions. Piracy is a serious issue but very little can be done.

And alot of money is lost on particular titles for those publishers. Rockstar isn't selling 1000's of games for nickels. They are selling one game this winter. And while Steam and GoG may make up for the losses other ways, Rockstar cannot.

r1sh121530d ago

You hit the nail on the head, just Piracy exists.
Its not like the PS3/xbox 360 had pirated games...Oh wait.

PC games are cheaper too, so if you actually look at the total timeline for a console Vs PC, PC is cheaper in the long run.
The early expense in creating a decent gaming PC is negated over time by the cheaper game prices.

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Daniel_Potter1530d ago

Piracy gives 0% profit to developers. Just like Used games. So you really think piracy is the problem(actually read my first comment, it will give you an understanding of why publishers will never abandon pc)
Sony and Microsoft probably bribed them
Look at the graphical downgrade of watch dogs
Look at destiny missing it's pc release, despite being an online only game(which means no piracy)
Look at GTA V getting delayed ... twice.

CBaoth1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Yeah it's because sony AND microsoft paid them! Proof positive right here folks. Seriously, you just won the internet with a comment like this. Must be why 4 other supposedly intelligent master racers agreed.

All your excuses validate only one thing - publishers like our money not us. How much do ya think sony AND microsoft paid Rockstar for Red Dead exclusivity? ElevenityKajillion billion dollars I bet! Least they saved us from a "downgraded" port. Whew *wipes brow*

Daniel_Potter1530d ago

Red Dead Redemption was originally developed for PS2/Xbox
Rockstar had to port it to PS3 and 360. Both these machines had different architectures, PS3 had cell(which is said to be more complex), while 360 had PowerPC.
PC uses x86 architecture. But you see, back then in 2010, pc steam's only had a userbase of 25 million active accounts(now it has 75 million). It wasn't as big as console's userbase. They already had too much work to do, so doing an extra port for a small minority was irrational. It wouldn't have payed off.

Genova841530d ago

Has no pirated it on ps3 and xbox 360?

Seems like there are torrents available ... thieves will steal no matter what. Not a valid reason not to release a game anymore. The PC market is in a huge upswing.

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Plagasx1530d ago

As long as it's released perfectly optimized I'm okay with this.

Now if it releases with shitty performance and other problems I will be pissed.

johny51530d ago

Hope Nvidia applies it's PhysX effects!

Bodge1530d ago

Maybe Rockstar will be at Nvidia's Game24 event?

I'd feel a lot better about the delay if we knew what kind of features were coming.

DragoonsScaleLegends1530d ago

ThePirateBay meet GTA V PC Remastered Edition.

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