Formalism and the Metrics of Reviewing

If Super Mario Bros was released today, what would it's score be? Continue Play's Joe Yang briefly muses on the nature of social factors in review scores.

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rnmartinez1556d ago

We really can review something to death and especially with the web doom games before they even hit the store shelves

jyang1556d ago

Definitely. Considering there seems to be some correlation between score and sales, how we review may be just as important as what score we give it.

LightDiego1555d ago

The score would be 8/10 because it's a mysoginistic game.
Can't resist sometimes...

Wni01555d ago

Review it the way you review games now, its not that hard to put nostalgia aside.

JimmyDanger1555d ago

10/10 - the most satisfying sprint and jump - and overall, physics that aren't too floaty or too heavy - occupying that perfect middle ground.

Bonus points for the infectious music - an example of chiptunery at its finest.

And special mention to the charming graphics, you'll be amazed at the fact this ENTIRE GAME is less than 2 megabytes.

If you want a stripped back example of a classic style platformer - this ticks every box - with a difficulty curve that draws you in - before demanding rock hard reflexes and near pixel perfect memory recall.

And it's less than a fiver, on any online store enabled Nintendo product you own.

A must buy.

JimmyDanger1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Although the choice of SMB is a little disingenuous.

I doubt there's a game that influenced the next 30 years of its genre more. I understand the implications the author is making - but to use this title in particular is a bit like saying " what if muskets were invented before catapults" disregarding the obvious progression. Or what if WW1 never happened, but WW2 did. I think his points would be better illustrated by using a game most of us couldn't even begin to envision never existing.

A world where SMB didn't come out until 2014 would be a VERY different world insofar as gaming. And if it didn't come out, something else would HAVE to replace it!

Wni01554d ago

So 8 1/2 and Citizens Kane are somehow a step below the best movies today?

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