Kobe Bryant Rated An 89 In NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 ratings for the players of the L.A. Lakers and the Golden State Warriors have been leaked. Kobe Bryant is the highest rated Laker, but the Black Mamba has dropped below a 90 overall in the latest installment of NBA 2K.

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xHeavYx1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

They are rating him based on his history, not actual performance and, as a Spurs fan, Tim Duncan rated 90 is higher than it should be

DallasTrout1555d ago

Yeah, Duncan's definitely a role player at this point of his career.

Oschino19071555d ago

Check all of his stats after "Totals".

If that's a role player he must be playing in a league of nothing but All-Stars.

As I said in a previous article, his skills haven't faded, he just plays less minutes and isn't forced to carry the team. Maybe he doesn't have the endurance, but skills are not even in question.

InTheLab1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

He's been hurt for a few seasons and basically willed the lakers into the playoffs when he was healthy.

Look at his stats. 27.6 ppg 6 ast 5.6 rebounds in his last full season.

Now Lebron's stats. 27.1 ppg 6.3 ast 6.9 rebounds

Now tell me why Kobe isn't score at least as high as Melo or Durant...

Seriously I think people just hate Kobe. This man has averaged 6 assists his whole career and gets called a ball hog. He's won 5 rings and was the best player in the world for most of his career but has only 1 league MVP which is one less than Steve Nash.

Kobe is still in the top 3 and if healthy, he's as good as Lebron at age 35.

Oschino19071555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Exactly, if he wasn't constantly carrying the team he would have more titles and a longer career.

It was hard the last few years to watch as he went all out and many teammates just stood around and watched, didn't hustle, no toughness. I really liked some of the guys but it was so frustrating to watch.

Loved when he went out and proved he wasn't talking trash about being able to put up big number assists and went out and put up 10+ with 10+ points for a bunch of games in a row.

Carlito1555d ago

You should be banned for saying something like that

N81555d ago

I agree Kobe gets so much disrespect. People treat him like he's not one of the best players to play the game.

combatcash1555d ago

At InTheLab

Huge Laker and Kobe fan here, but he has averaged just under 5 assists for his career. However I wholeheartedly agree that when healthy, he is still highly effective. I think that rating will actually go up this season. Although he is no longer the best player in the league, he is still the best player at his position.

Illusive_Man1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Get the hell out of here. He is better than 90% of the league but he isn't better than LBJ.

InTheLab1555d ago

Yeah you're right about the assists. Read the wrong stat line.

And I never said he's better than LBJ NOW but in his prime, he's better than all but MJ.

Sitdown1555d ago

Hmmm, perhaps Kobe score is not that high because of his lack of playing time last year, mixed with the level of injuries and age...... not exactly rocket science there. How many MVPs did Kobe win in the last couple of years? Now what about Lebron? Kobe has 5 rings, but how many times was he MVP of the finals? Yeah, he can definitely thank Shaq. If you think right now a health Kobe matches Lebron..... Then it's evident you haven't watched basketball in a wild. Kobe is on the way out, and it's okay... He had a great run at it.

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medman1555d ago

Kobe da cripple gets an 89? 89 what? 89 percent of being injured and not playing much this season?

2pacalypsenow1555d ago

So Carlos boozer goes to the lakers and his rating goes up?? Reminds me how Steve Nash went up from a 84 to a 87 when he went to L.A makes sense ......