Ps3 Firmware 2.36 is now available for download

Firmware 2.36 is now live. Will update on what it brings.

(The Update is only available over the PlayStation 3 system for now)


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TheHater3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

dam you. I was just about to submit this :)
Well I am downloading it right now

edit: finish updating :)

Qbanboi3712d ago

When Sony says Soon, they mean it.

Well, aleast for Updates ^^

ATLRoAcH3712d ago

For the PSP is now available to download over WiFi.

Tomdc3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I hope this improves playin civilisation online, a couple of times it has freezed on me playing online just after someone leaves the game and I have to switch of my PS3. Plus they both counted as losses

oh and 2.4 @ E£ =)

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TrevorPhillips3712d ago

im gonna go update it soon :)

TheHater3712d ago

yeah, that was pretty quick. I was expecting this either tomorrow, or Thursday

XBOX 3603712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Wow man, you really did call it! I read your comment a few hours ago and thought, "hmm maybe..."

Now... BRING ON 2.4!

cool83712d ago

this time soon ment soon!

villevalorox3712d ago

I had to put something there.!

TheHater3712d ago

copy my link I posted under yours

Qbanboi3712d ago

xD I was like, "WTF the link just take me back to N4G"