Destiny and other games today are breaking the traditional review structure

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "Destiny, like many other of today’s games, aren’t designed to be “final” at launch. I know, that may sound weird, but it’s true. With just about every game offering some sort of DLC and developers quickly able to push out updates, the game you see at launch isn’t necessarily reflective of the game you’ll be playing in a year, or even a month."

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admiralvic1528d ago

While I agree the system is a little dated (as those updates change a lot in the long term), a long term style is only conceptually a good idea. The issue is that this requires a lot of resources and time being devoted to things that simply aren't going to pay off in terms of views and interest, plus it's fairly tedious for a reviewer whom might not be interested in seeing how all these updates change up the game. Obviously I can get into a long rant and really flesh out these points, but thats the long and the short of it.

With this being said, I was sad to see (though in no way surprised) so many sites rush out Destiny articles. Not because I think they unfairly reviewed it (to be honest I've been to busy playing to read a single one or really care), but because it's a game that has all its defining content at the top and you simply can't comment on everything until you hit that point.

Like getting to 20 the game is pretty awful. The story sucks, I always thought the strikes were more enjoyable than the story missions and pretty much everything is geared towards points well into the future. In fact, they're geared so far in the future that you unlock the last thing (I believe, besides the raid, but that should have unlocked at 22 had it been implemented... not really important) at level 24. This is the nightfall strike, which is stated to be the ultimate test of skill or something along those lines. Now these special strikes lead into one thing that makes them stand out when compared to other strikes and thats the increased depth.

After doing... too many (lets just say I maxed vanguard medals), you start to see the strikes are fairly dull. Yeah the level goes up, but it's the same thing time after time and the only real thrill is hoping you get a good drop (then decrypting it to get something that sucks and you're back to being sad). However, the heroic strike and nightfall strikes have additional rules and guidelines that seem minor, but offer HUGE differences in approach. While I can't comment on the hell that is nightfall, the heroic one this time around have arc damage buff (it's absurd), stronger enemies and someone must revive you. This dials the difficulty up from a 4 to a 6 or so and makes the strikes more interesting. In fact, it's so much better than I really wish the others had them (even if it would make it a LOT harder to progress). These are the type of things people enjoy and it's sad to see people commenting on a small drop that is rather insignificant in the grand scheme of Destiny.

Shadonic1528d ago

It depends upon the hype for the game, just look at Destiny and Titanfall there's thousands of Haters that just scurried out of the crevasses of the internet just to hate on the games and post any negative review about it. People are treating the most horrid of review related sites like Metacritic as if they were the bible or the law or end all when it comes to how good a game is or going to be for everyone.

FarEastOrient1527d ago

Metacritic fails in several places when it comes to scores, at the same time the "critic" score has different weights to different site. Plus no transparency as to why one website has their score obtain a larger value than another.

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qwerty6761528d ago

over hype the game then not give out early review copies

seemed to work well this time.

joab7771528d ago

Have u played an mmo before? Destiny is set up perfectly. The problem lies in Bungie ' s unwillingness to admit what the game was.

And one thing I never understood is how the repetitive nature of mmo's is boring but 6 hr campaigns and the same 10 mp maps are great.

Shadonic1528d ago

at this point it could be an actual hyped MMO at this point and people would still be like this. I know a few people who console gamers that get surprised to know that you can game on the PC and i mean like AAA games.

venom061527d ago

This is so true!!! When will folks realize that Activision (with IGNs unwavering help) are the masters of marketing spin?? They're business partners with IGN, so they don't have to worry about them holding their feet to the fire. But let another publisher try to get away with having a launch game without review copies, and they'd get SLAUGHTERED by the so-called "unbiased" game press. This has NOTHING to do with the fact that it's a MMO. They could've sent early copies to be reviewed, but they knew they weren't goin to get any push back from IGN, thus no push back from any other review site. So they get over and we as gamers are left with $60 worth of mediocrity.

donthate1528d ago

Yup, overhype the game and prevent reviews is what got it me to buy the game, which was a $90 mistake as I bought the fancy digitual guardian edition. I really wanted to like this game, and was expecting Mass Effect level awesomeness, and instead got a polished turd.

I hope this isn't going to be the norm moving forward that we don't see reviews upon release. Then again, I wont go for this mistake again, because there will likely be plenty of games to play.

I was just dying to try something new after almost 6 months straight of playing Titanfall.

Ko_Uraki1528d ago

The same thing for a Microsoft's game would have generated the war on internet.

DigitalRaptor1528d ago

I'm not defending DESTINY. It's a fun game, but it lacks content, has an underwhelming story and rings hollow after a few hours of play. There are key areas they can improve to maintain interest though, and I'm waiting to see where they take it.

But what I do know, is that the gaming media is an even more horrible joke than it already was. TITANFALL has all of the same issues as DESTINY, and worse… it also had technical issues and still… the gaming media gave it 8s, 9s and 10s all over the place.

The double standards are coming out to play right now in a big bad way.

ShowGun9011528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

agreed! so its fine when a game has NO SP AT ALL, but if the story isn't fleshed out enough in a different game, and that has FAR more content, its ripped on? reviewers are just saying whatever they will to get hits anymore, if its popular to praise a game, they will, if its popular to bash it, they will... all i know is im having a blast with destiny, and so is just about everybody i know (about 12 people i know bought it so far, all love it!)

gaming "reviewers" have been a joke for a long time, hopefully less people will click on their "articles" in the future... thats the internet equivilient of voting with your wallets, ya know!

DLConspiracy1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

The main complaint I am hearing with destiny is a boring story. Great gameplay but boring story. Titanfall came out and said well there isn't a campaign really but it has a sort of story campaign mode. Essentially it was never finished. So they made an arena shooter to play against each other with elements of story to attempt to make it more interesting. Everyone jumped on Titanfall complaining about the "story" or lack there of. When it should only be judged by its gameplay and mechanics.

Now Destiny comes out with a prodominently campaign driven 10 yr story that's bland. It could change but so far what we are left with its not poking its head out anytime soon. I think that's a huge difference. You can't compare because Titanfall at its very roots is an arena shooter. While Destiny is supposed to be so much more of an engaging story.

Do I think Destiny deserves anything lower than a 70? No way. However, its mainly story driven or so it supposed to. Titanfall never touted heavily about its story or epic plot. Big difference. Titanfall touted about being a great MP game for the most part. Even said it was hard to market for because it was all about the gameplay.

CaspuR1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Its the fact im force to play the same story missions over and over why I hate destinys story the way I do. If they atleast made the missions interesting. Its not just the story thats bad its how repetitive the actual gameplay is in the story.

donthate1528d ago

I completely disagree that Titanfall has the same issues as Destiny.

Playing Destiny feels like this hollow game with no new game mechanic. The entire thing feels like the original Halo (that was released over a decade ago) even down to the enemies and AI, and on top of that the game story is completely lacking in excitement.

The multiplayer leaves a loot to be desired, so Destiny as a package doesn't excel in any particular area, and is average (or maybe slightly above) on practically all accounts except for awesome and vibrant artwork.

That is not going to keep me playing.

Titanfall had terrible campaign and story, but we knew that. What it did have though is amazing new game mechanic combined with fun multiplayer, that keep me gaming since it was released.

For that I think Titanfall deserves at least 80+ whereas Destiny is an average game in a beatiful world, a 70.

I still go back to play Titanfall from time to time, but Destiny is a sore topic that I still feel jipped for $90 that I doubled down on it for the digital guardian edition.

DigitalRaptor1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

"What it did have though is amazing new game mechanic"

What a fallacy.

No it didn't. If you've been PC gaming since the days of Quake and Unreal you'd know that Titanfall offers nothing new. Brink and Mirror's Edge also come to mind.

Titanfall lack of content - true.
Titanfall underwhelming campaign/story - true.
Titanfall rings hollow after few hours of play - true.
Titanfall incredibly repetitive - true.
Titanfall technical issues - true.

Yet, Destiny is brought down by the same people who gave Titanfall great scores. Double standards are things that cannot be justified, especially for the largely influential and supposedly "professional" gaming media.

FarEastOrient1527d ago

I agree that games on PC has been doing the same elements of Titanfall and some cases still better. If you look at those same websites on metacritic they gave Titanfall higher scores than Destiny.

donthate1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )


How is what I said an unsound argument (fallacy)?

What other game brings Titans, pilots, parkour and smooth as butter 60fps game mechanics together?

If you pick a game apart based on individual features you could say, Borderlands shares similarity with Destiny in game mechanics and should be rated the same. Clearly they are not even in the same league.

To you, Titanfall might be a bad game, but overall the gaming media as a consensus I find pretty spot on including this case in my personal experience.

Everything you listed is a basically an opinion that can be applied to every game, yet Titanfall is the game I still play, and Destiny is a game I am bored of after 3 days!

To me the influential professional gaming media is spot on this time. If they gave Destiny any higher scores, I would avoid them like the plague, because Destiny is a POS with it's current technical problems, and an average game if it is working.

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Zero-One1528d ago

Good. It's about damn time that said "structure" was thrown out the damn window.

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