When Spore Penis Monsters Attack

The Spore Creature Creator was officially released earlier today and already we're drowning in penis monsters

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dktxx23744d ago

So sad. And gamers wonder why we're considered immature.

Breakfast3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Im a regular person...

...not this "gamer" stereotype, you're laying on me/us.

If im immature, it sure as hell isnt the video games' fault.

pharmd3744d ago

i think i know some chics that would kill to drown in penis monsters!

dktxx23744d ago

I didn't say a game made you immature. and if your not a gamer then obviously my statement doesn't apply to you.

Panthers3744d ago

My uncle always makes fun of game for being rated M for mature. Its like, there is nothing mature about going around and shooting people.

IzKyD13313744d ago

dude, you have no sense of humor, that was freakin hilarious

Jack Meahoffer3744d ago

When you turn the keys over to the users this happens. I think its funny personally. I just think developers need to be smart enough to build in filtering tools so that adults can decide what they and their children can see.

Freedom of speech FTW! Down with censorship!

Tomdc3744d ago

I think the spore monster made somebody jealous... ;)

iamtehpwn3743d ago

I got a leaked version of creator, and I made the First one.


one of the funniest things i have watched in a while. why would genitals be implemented into this game??? is it a cool new horn type of offensive weapon? fairly stupid. but funny none the less.

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alxramos3744d ago

and we wonder why there are so many sex-related geek jokes.. jeje

Kami3744d ago

but i was so pumped about MGS4 arriving to my house(and it didnt) that i created a metal gear ray in spore.

LeShin3744d ago

That was VERY good!!!!!

Yipee Bog3744d ago

that was awesome, think u could make a gekko?

ChrisGTR13744d ago

i have a question about spore. you can create creatures right.. but is it kinda of like empire earth where you control the civilization and advance it thought the different ages?

TheIneffableBob3744d ago

I'm pretty sure it's something like that.

There should be a lengthy video on YouTube detailing how Spore works.

Kami3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )


v1c1ous3744d ago

and i thought i saw everything with spore when i watched a vid of 2 fused creatures humping

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