Driveclub’s Drivers Will Have Different Skin Tones and Genders; Details Shared on Load Times & More

Driveclub is coming in fast towards the goal line and today Game Director Paul Rustchynsky provided some more information.

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Khronikos1502d ago

God can you imagine the race crusade if this wasn't the case? Driveclub is racist! Bring it down!

KwietStorm1502d ago

I think you all misunderstood what he meant.

medman1501d ago

I order you to cease and desist with the nonsense.

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Muzikguy1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

So the full game is only 17Gigs? Is that "good"? Seems low, especially for a current gen (not next gen anymore) game. I know it's a racer but still, seems low to me

I do like those load times though! I'll have to keep my beer extra close for this game!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1502d ago

What about hairstyles? Was just fuming about Destiny's lackluster hairstyles. Once again black folks are stuck with the same old low cut. Can I get a faux-hawk? Can I get a South-of-France? Cripes...

voodoochild3461502d ago

I'm black with flowing thick dreads almost to my waist. Devs never cater to me and those like me. My character should have dreads and ear plugs dammit!

KwietStorm1502d ago

lol flowing thick dreads to your waist. What is this eharmony?

voodoochild3461502d ago


Hey man if that's what you want to imagine it being then fine. People have their tastes so you'll find no judgement here. I was talking about have a character with awesome metal dreads like me. I apologize for turning you on...

Illusive_Man1502d ago

Now this is the only way I think DC beats Forza. I need my non-white racer.

dantesparda1502d ago

DC has better graphics and is probably funner, as The Forza series is boring in my opinion. But i thought Motorstorm was really good. Then again i didnt like Apocalypse. Could care less about the race of the drivers.

Spotie1502d ago

Another way it's better is the lack of Xbox fanboys to play against.

Catdawgg1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I really hope you're able to have sleeves and gloves on your driver because imo the hand models look absolutely awful compared to the rest of the game. To me it looks like they're made of clay