Super Smash Bros for 3DS Demo Impressions

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U are quite possibly the two most anticipated games of the year for Nintendo’s two consoles. Today, Nintendo announced that it was sending out demo codes for the 3DS to select “Platinum” Nintendo Club members. I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but I sure was wishing I was one of these special members. Each member was allotted four codes, three of them to be shared with friends. Sure enough, I immediately hit Twitter and began looking for handouts. It didn’t take long before I snatched one and started my download. Here's what I thought.

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RAFFwaff1529d ago

is this in uk? can someone put up a code pls??

JoshOnTech1529d ago

I believe it's in both the UK and the US right now. If you want a code you should search "smash bros code" on Twitter. They keep popping up but they go QUICK! So be ready to input it the second someone posts one.

MGSmarioPRO1529d ago

Not only UK but Europe since i'm in Portugal and already got the codes.
In another note the codes work in other countries than the one where you receive since i already gave some outside my place.

weekev151529d ago

yeah its in UK. I managed to snag a code from Neogaf, took a couple of hours begging though. They are randomly sending codes out so you could get lucky. Demo will be out next week for everyone though.

My impressions are that this game is awesome, the graphics on 3DS are excellent, character animations are spot on and its pretty fast.

eworthington01529d ago

I got it and I cant put it down... but I really really wish there was like one more stage that had a bit more space and you cant change the time limit on battles, thwy have to be 2mins...dumb.
But all in all decent demo

live2play1529d ago

I have 2 extra codes if anyone wants one

CaptainN1529d ago

ME......Personal message me ...thanx !

ScubaSteve11529d ago

does anyone know how to perform the final smash?

weekev151529d ago

Hit a smash ball then mash. Thats how I did it. Think you need to use L

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The story is too old to be commented.