NPD August 2014: Full Videogame Sales Estimates and Analysis (Popzara)

NPD releases their estimates for the August 2014 videogame sales and estimates. Who came out on top this month?

Full in-depth video analysis and podcast action by Nathan Evans and Grayson Hamilton on

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kaylynnhammond1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

NPD stands for:


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MightyNoX1166d ago

Your 3rd comment as well. Welcome to N4G.

Brazz1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

lol! you have 3 comments and you already lost this many bubbles! lol

Welcome to N4G.

JP13691166d ago

As others have mentioned, this is only your third comment. What they've missed is that your definition of what NPD stands for was stolen from another user on this site. Not only are you a plagiarist, your inability to even spell properly means you're apparently incapable of copying and pasting. Good to see another user amongst the chaff on N4G.