TeamXbox: Elements of Destruction Review (Xbox 360)

In EoD, players take on the role of Dr. Edgar Herbert, a scientific genius who's dedicated the bulk of his life to the development of new technologies for a major corporate conglomerate. Shortly after Dr. Herbert creates a method for controlling natural events, the company in which he invested himself decides to give the good Doc his walking papers. Not exactly the wisest move on the planet, as Dr. Herbert has now taken it upon himself to exact a little bit of payback against the company-and the unsuspecting general public-by using his new weather control device to wreak havoc on a world he feels has done him wrong.

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DarkSniper3831d ago

Another terrible game for a terrible console. 7.8 is not the AAA status that is required for games these days. It looks as if you want true RTS and MMORPG games, PLAYSTATION®3 is where you can get your fix.