Could Microsoft's acquisition be the end of Minecraft's dominance?

Oliver McQuitty, an avid Minecraft player and writer for Continue Play, takes an in-depth look at how Minecraft and its community could be affected by the possible acquisition of Mojang from Microsoft.

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nicksetzer11531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Um .... the majority of minecraft sales are on PC and xbox devices. Not to mention only recently being introduced to PS devices. Not to mention this deal will not affect minecraft as it stands today anyway. Just because MS aquires minecraft doesn't make 4j nonexistent. (Future minecraft games/ other project, well I would assume exclusivity) Not to mention the most illogical part of this .... MS aquiring minecraft certainly should not effect the popularity. People aren't going to like a game they have been playing, that is still available in the same effect as it is now, simply because a different company owns it.

This article's creator clearly had no intention of using a logical outlook here.

@oliver yea, it totally lost popularity when it was a windows exclusive. Then it totally lost popularity when it was an 360 exclusive. (Only sold 13 million) Just like people will suddenly render a game useless and just "leave it on their shelf" as this author claims. MS owning a game definitely makes it so much less fun right?

OliverFrenchie1531d ago

The article's creator is entitled to expressing his thoughts on the subject. MS acquiring Minecraft could definitely affect the popularity as mentioned because of the community's reaction to it. They already reacted semi-negatively to when Notch handed the chief dev title over and now to see him sell it off and himself make a massive profit would cause further unrest amongst the players. The game itself may not lose its charm but to a lot of hardcore fans it could affect their adoration for the game.

ContinuePlay1530d ago

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So let's all enjoy bricks together.
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Minecraft lets us build forever.