Microsoft Clarifies Xbox One August NPD: Sales Only Doubled for Last Week of Month

CraveOnline: "Yesterday, NPD Group revealed its figures for software sales during the month of August. As usual, Sony and Microsoft responded with statements about hardware. The most eye-catching fact was that Madden NFL 15 sold better on PS4 than Xbox One, despite a strong partnership between the NFL and Microsoft and the introduction of an Xbox One Madden NFL 15 bundle.

The second big item was Microsoft’s statement that the Xbox One doubled in sales for month-over-month from July to August. However, the numbers didn't quite add up."

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Sev1075d ago

I've been a PS fan for a long time, but I'm really surprised by how large the gap is growing between PS4 and Xbox One.

JonnyBigBoss1075d ago

In the information age, how a company presents itself means everything. Even hiccups aren't forgotten.

denawayne1075d ago

In the Information Age, people don't think for themselves. They wonder around like a heard of sheep.

DLConspiracy1075d ago

Popularity determines our interest in the information age. Experience and preference seem to come second. Besides most people who play games occasionally/casually (which make up a larger portion of gamers) buy what is a hot seller. Including games and any sort of electronics. Just the way it is. Both are great systems.

Illusive_Man1075d ago

Well those that don't want to forget are missing out on a awesome and constantly evolving user experience, vastly improved multiplats, and an extremely good fall lineup of exclusives.

uptownsoul1075d ago

@denawayne "They wonder around like a heard of sheep" ? You mean they "wander" (walk or move in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way)…If your going to insult somebody have the decency to spell correctly

quenomamen1075d ago

By hiccups you mean straight faced lying right ?

Mr Pumblechook1075d ago

Microsoft are finding that the PR tactics they used last generation (saying whatever they wanted the press to believe regardless of truth) just won't wash. Gamers and Gaffers are checking the veracity of their claims.

Too many times on Xbox Wire they have made bold claims and then used the asterisk to qualify them. Eg claiming certain multiplats are exclusive, claiming 5 million units sold to customers then withdrawing the claim - now this. Mistakes are understandable but how many times can they claim it's an error?

Dee_911075d ago

Umm no.. their faces weren't straight.. they had a slight smirk which made it worse lol

gameon19851075d ago

Yet, you people manage to forget about Sony's hiccups for the PS3. Including the disastrous launch and the hacked that gave away peoples personal info. People just hate Microsoft because the media tells them to, they are unwilling to think for them selves when it comes to things like that.

RiPPn1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

@gameon1985: It took Sony an entire generation to get back half of their customers from the previous generation because of their missteps. It hasn't even been a year for Microsoft and yet people expect everyone to already forgive and forget. And when you compare, all Sony did was bring out a high priced console, claim rumble was "last gen" and have arrogant PR, these things all pale in comparison to the crap Microsoft tried to pull and also Microsoft as a company has a history of pulling in most other areas of business they compete in.. but again we should just forgive them because of a couple of games and because they do monthly updates..? Not this hombre.

badz1491074d ago

first, Greenturd evaded the question about NPD numbers by giving BS answers and then when the numbers are out, they straight up lying about it too?! WTF MS? you think people and investors are THAT stupid?

patterson1074d ago

For Microsoft, it sounds better to say "sales doubled" rather than, "we sold 100 last month and 200 this month". Just sayin'

QuickdrawMcgraw1074d ago

Just sayin...has been over for a while now...can you dig it...

gamer78041074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

It's best to judge a company by its actions, not what they say. We are now in the Customer Age anyways, the Information Age has passed.

fr0sty1074d ago


so by being more informed, by more sources, it is making people people more sheeplike? That logic doesn't work. People have always been like sheep, however now there are many ideas that never would have taken root 20 years ago that are thriving. The information age has changed us, and in some ways for the better.

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lelo2play1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Not surprising. Microsoft made too many mistakes with the Xbox One.
One of the X1's biggest problems is that Microsoft lost one of the X360's biggest assets, gamers that only buy multiplatform games (COD, BF, Assassins creed, Madden, FIFA, GTA, etc). Those gamers are purchasing the PS4. The only way Microsoft can outsell Sony now, is with more exclusive games (big exclusives that sell consoles), but unfortunately for them, their library of exclusives consists only on Halo, Forza and Gears. Those exclusives sell consoles, but it's not enough. They need more...
At this moment Sony doesn't need many exclusives. Multiplatform games are selling the console.

Viryu1075d ago

Actually, they have a bigger library of exclusives, but those are all games that were supposed to be multiplatform which Microsoft bought exclusivity rights for. On the other hand, Sony instead of spending money to limit the fanbase of third party games, creates games with their first party studios. It's this gen that people finally noticed, one way or another, that Microsoft is playing cheap and dirty.

lelo2play1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

"It's this gen that people finally noticed, one way or another, that Microsoft is playing cheap and dirty."

If you want to discuss something, discuss it... but please stop with your fanboy crap.
What exactly did Microsoft do "cheap and dirty" that Sony or Nintendo haven't done?

gootimes1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

"One of the X1's biggest problems is that Microsoft lost one of the X360's biggest assets, gamers that only buy multiplatform games"

Very true, good point! It was a bigger deal than people think last gen. I had a PS3 and it didn't bother me that certain multi plats had a bit of an advantage on 360. I wasn't a gamer that cared, but many did care, alot.

aceitman1075d ago

And not to mention some people where left with a sour taste in there mouth when ms kinda left out the hard core gamer for the kinetic casual games

gfk3421074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

How many clarifications have been given by MS? So many spins that the majority of time spent by MS is with the clarifications.

How about MS focus on games and exclusives. They have less than half of what Sony gives to PS4 owners.

How about decrease the price such as to correctly reflect the power difference.

How about give to early Xone adopters a free game for deceiving them that Kinect would not be ditched.

How about ask forgiveness to all X360 customers for buying 3-4 X360 because MS could not accept RROD, for the fact that all the money they cashed have not been invested in new dev studios and new IPs (same Halo, Forza, Gears) etc.

So many things could be done by MS instead of releasing spins and confuse people. MS still believes that we are stupid.

Oner1074d ago

Was going to say the same exact thing.

TheWatercooler1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Sigh... Why is it that Microsoft always end up having to clarify things. Nothing has changed with them

HappyWithOneBubble1075d ago

I'm not surprise. Every Sony console have blown the competition away except for PS3 and that's because 360 had a year head start and good advertising. The economy was bad too. People couldn't buy a $600 PS3 at the time. Wii and 360 was the best choice. I'm glad Sony learned from last gen mistakes.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1075d ago

Everything you said was correct except one thing. Ps3 was actually the better choice out of the wii and 360. Sony had the best exclusives last gen and best graphics. No regrets with my 600 dollar purchase at all.

jmac531075d ago

Economy wasn't bad till the beginning of 2008. Sony was arrogant last gen much like how MS came into this gen. Assuming gamers will buy whatever you give them and whatever price is their downfall

Oner1074d ago

Maybe for YOU or where YOU lived the economy wasn't bad until 2008 but where I live currently (South West Florida) the economy started taking a hit around late 2005-early 2006 when the Real Estate crashed all around here.

HanzoHattori1075d ago

I'm not surprised at all. The gap is only going to get more noticeable over the next 6 to 8 months.

Magicite1074d ago

MS with their damage control again.

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Funantic11075d ago

As long as the X1 beats the 360 sales, which it is doing, then it'll be ok.