Adult Swim Games Fully Understands the Cartoon Network Brand

Hardcore Gamer: After spending a fair amount of time meandering around the Adult Swim booth at PAX Prime 2014, I found myself pontificating on a couple of points. First and foremost, Adult Swim's video game division understands its brand extremely well. This is a Cartoon Network-owned division, so providing dumb fun should be priority number one (alongside, you know, making sure every game released actually plays well). Adult Swim Games knocks this aspect out of the park, as everything I spent time with was nothing short of smile-inducing. Secondly, there were a couple of standout titles that are exciting all on their own. Both Adventure Time Game Wizard and Rain World managed to grab my attention despite appearing a bit rough around the edges. Most importantly, these two titles oozed charm, which is necessary for a game bearing the Cartoon Network logo.

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WeAreLegion1552d ago

The entire [adult swim] division understands its brand very well.

elninels1552d ago

So true. The bizarre commercials and even more bizarre original series. The random anime. It's the first place I watched family guy, futurism, full metal alchemist, and cowboy bebop. It also gave us robot chicken, the boondocks, metalocalypse, and more.

Seth McFarlane owes a lot of his success to adult swim airing family guy after its cancellation from fox.