Dragon Age Inquision: ‘Skyhold is Filled with Interesting Places to Visit’

Skyhold is Dragon Age Inquisition’s upcoming base of operations and just as the protagonist himself, this location will be dynamic and progressive. Today, BioWare’s producer Cameron Lee has unveiled extensive details about this fortress claiming that ‘Skyhold is filled with interesting places to visit.’

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gamerqc1551d ago

please be goodplease be goodplease be goodplease be goodplease be good

FullmetalRoyale1551d ago

I agree. Please be good. ;)

This truly does look like an actual sequel to Origins. The kind of sequel that is bigger and better, not a rushed cash-in with no heart.
I think it is very safe to be looking forward to this one.

700p1551d ago

Im really excited for this game!

Roccetarius1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

So they're basically putting all the interesting places behind walls. That should be interesting to observe.