Sony CEO Hirai: "Destiny and I Were Never That Serious" (Satire)

Mike from Twinfinite writes, "Destiny has made a ton of money so far, but will lower-than-expected review scores cause Sony to distance itself from the game?"

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breakpad1168d ago

Sony should distance themselves from Activision generally ..the company is just a clear thief ...with cheap low quality-cheap made games which over milking them by offering completely garbage content ...Activision may be the worst company in gaming ever

PiNkFaIrYbOi1168d ago

Did you forget about EA the dev destroyer?

radler1168d ago

People hate on Activision for Call of Duty, but I would definitely rank EA and Ubisoft as far worse by a huge margin.

breakpad1168d ago

no..but whatever Activison touches becomes instantly shit... i boycott all Craptivison shi..ehh games

NewMonday1168d ago

Destiny is a great game, websites who got passed over will try to troll the game but they are less relevant than they used too, just further separates the gaming community from them, these websites are the biggest losers here, they just don't realize it yet.

Magicite1167d ago

Activision publishes addictive games that sell a lot. Just stating fact, not that its a good thing though.

Haru1168d ago

This article is a joke

Metallox1168d ago

"Destiny and I Were Never That Serious" (Satire)

Thank you for reminding us twice, sir.

Jihaad_cpt1168d ago

That's kind of "satire" means

Blaze9291168d ago

why was this approved -_-

sAVAge_bEaST1168d ago

what a bad photo shop.. square.really?

ajax171168d ago

It's funnier that way... at least to me.

Rooted_Dust1168d ago

Most "reputable" (Big F-ing Quotes) sites haven't reviewed the game yet. Most of what's been posted is just click bait garbage from blogs you and I've never heard of. I'd expect it to end up averaging 85-90. I love the game, but I can understand peoples mixed feelings. I think a lot of people didn't really understand what this game was.

Metallox1168d ago

Gameblog, Metro, Giant Bomb, Polygon and The Escapist aren't little sites, you know. The game will have mixed critics, like it or not.

konnerbllb1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Add Gamespot to that list. 6/10 and it's rating description is "fair"

NewMonday1168d ago

these sites are unprofessional no matter the "size"

Gamespot fired someone for not scoring a game high because they got lots of AD money and Polygon is bankrolled by MS.

ALLWRONG1168d ago

Destiny is an average game, get over it.

NewMonday1168d ago


hate all you want it doesn't matter, millions are enjoying the game and ignoring you.

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