Uncharted Remaster Might Be Announced On October 4th

With a rising popularity in remastering and interest from Sony, could we see a remaster of Uncharted on the PS4 announced in October

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Thatguy-3101555d ago

This should bring back life to the multiplayer found in Uncharted 2.

-Foxtrot1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Yeah hopefully

I'm really scared about the online in Uncharted 4 because since it "could" be the last one I would want it to have an online multiplayer I can really get into. Even though NaughtyDog know now that adding gimmicks found in every other multiplayer like COD wont grant them big sales like other online franchises out there because they are first party (there words not mine) they don't have to do those things anymore. Now that the PS4 has sold 10 million I think they are fine and can revert the online back to what it was.

The game was unique because it wasn't like every other online out there. They need to get rid of...

Loadouts - Makes everything more balanced. Randomly generate weapons in different locations so people don't keep rushing to the best ones every match

Weapon mods - Again makes game unbalanced and makes the game so it's "my weapon is stronger then yours" instead of skill. Plus with weaker weapons people will use cover more.

Kickbacks - Don't belong in this type of game

Basically take all that customization they did in Uncharted 3 for looks and appearance and put it in Uncharted 2s online.

Long as they have a shit load of weapon skins, characters, perks etc to unlock leveling up they'll be fine.

Uncharted 4 needs to stand out from every other online mode

Hell they changed an ENTIRE mode (hardcore) to a sort of classic mode.....why? Well I think the answer is obvious

NewMonday1555d ago

U2 is my most played game last gen, and would go again on the PS4.

thekhurg1555d ago

I'd love an Uncharted Remaster. Never played the originals since I couldn't play shooters with the PS3 controller...

Benchm4rk1555d ago


Since when was Uncharted considered a shooter?

mikeslemonade1555d ago

Lame! We don't need Uncharted remaster. More like remaster the jak games.



I understand Uncharted is an action game with elements of shooters, action and platforming. But that said, specially for multiplayer, I think it's understanble some people would consider it kind of a shooter.

illAmpRefugee1554d ago

didn't read ur whole paragraph im to lazy >< but i agree uc3 was a let down in both story and multiplayer compared to uc1 and 2 btw i agree i loved uc2 multiplayer shit was sick and unique good maps.. also liked the halo style gun system where u had to find guns because it really balanced the game and mad made the game way soother and fun but i hated uc3 multiplayer's they nerfed up the game i liked what they tried to do in it by adding more unlocks and customizations but in the end it just didn't fit the game just didnt feel right felt fucked the pacing of the game up

itBourne1554d ago

I agree with you entirely, the only bad thing is I would rather have an unpatched uncharted 2 mp, then the 1.05 and later bullshit

EeJLP-1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I've been playing Uncharted 3 recently, because I noticed 3 of the 5 map/trophy packs were free, so I've been going for a few trophies (to bump up that lowly 51% if you only platinumed the core game). It wasn't long before my PSN shout message was "UC3 MP is trashy".

There are way too many 1hit weapons and lame superpowers in the game. UC2 had a few that shouldn't have existed, like Situational Awareness comes to mind, which I never used, but by reading the description I've always said Elena Fisher is not a Chimera.. she shouldn't be seeing through walls.

Multiplayers need to get back to the potential to be skilled gun on gun games like R:FoM & UC2. Weapon upgrades and superpowers don't make for a good competitive game. They make it an anti-competitive, uneven playing field by giving further advantage to players that already have more experience.

It becomes who can be the most trashy 1hit player instead of who can actually maintain aim on their target and win with legitimate skills (like accuracy) and strategy.

thekhurg1554d ago


It was a shooter the moment they made the game about killing enemies with guns. Much in the same way Tomb Raider is a shooter at its core. Game doesn't need to be a CoD style game to still be a shooter. When you spend the majority of your time in combat aiming guns, then the game is a shooter.

Anarki1554d ago

Does Uncharted really need a remastered version? the game is visually stunning still!

Dirtnapstor1554d ago

Revamped to a degree, yes. Too much stuff gets unnecessarily overwhelming and complicated. I enjoyed the UC2 MP the best, liked the modes.
Keep it simple, have one MP package combining the elements for the whole remastered package. Sweet!

UltimateMaster1554d ago

If it's a trilogy, it would sell like crazy over-the-top multi-million dollar franchise.
Just as long as it doesn't slow down the production of Uncharted 4, it's all good.

Benchm4rk1553d ago


Fair call. I guess I always thought of the Uncharted games as Action/Adventure games....with shooting.

thricetold1553d ago

Hell no. In no way am I saying uc2 mp isn't good, but 3 is better BECAUSE of loadouts and not spawn camping weapons the ENTIRE match playing keep away.

Many many players DON'T want to start with some crappy pistol, spending more time trying to find a weapon to our liking instead of looking and shooting other players. No.

I'd rather they split the fanbase and have two different modes for each side but even then that probably wouldn't work as seen with UC3 in classic mode because you guys want EVERYONE to have to enjoy and play such a horrendous design as weapon pick ups and won't be satisfied until we keep getting the same games over and over just with prettier pixels.

-Foxtrot1552d ago


No offence but tough

Uncharted 2 was made first and the fanbase was gathered because of that game. Those who came into Uncharted 3 can go play COD or any other game which supports those features.

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CaptainPunch1555d ago

I absolutely loved the multiplayer in Uncharted 2, shame I didn't get into the multiplayer in U3.

Minute Man 7211555d ago

Multiplayer on U3 sucked ass

miyamoto1555d ago

I gave all my PS3 Uncharted games to my bro because I just know the remasters are coming to kick some asses on PlaySaviour 4!!!!

redwin1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

An uncharted,1 disk collection will be a Halo killer. I would get that for sure. I'll skip the Helo collection for the uncharted collection. After Destiny, Helo might feel repetitive.

Aquariusgamer1554d ago

Holy shit did you just invent playsaviour? That is a hilarious term and i will definitely be using it. Thanks!

starchild1555d ago

I hope so. I played Uncharted 2 multiplayer more than any other multiplayer. It's so good.

I'm totally behind getting a remastered collection of all three Uncharted games. I would definitely buy it.

thelwebb1001554d ago

Man, I've had so much fun memories playing Halo 3 and BF3 multiplayer but it doesn't compare to the fun I had playing Uncharted 2 multiplayer!!

RedDevils1554d ago

Agree UC2 multiplayer is so addictive from death match to plumber

Magicite1554d ago

UC trilogy remaster before UC4, please.

El_Assenso1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Uncharted 2's multiplayer was amazing (pre 1.05 update lol). Everyone started with the same weapons, no boosters, kickbacks or anything. Just you and how well you have honed your shooting skills. Its the best multiplayer I have played ever.

EDIT: Forgot to add that the maps on Uncharted 2's multiplayer mode were pure gold! Perfect!

-Foxtrot1554d ago

Want to know the sad part, even with the 1.5 update it's still better then Uncharted 3.

C-H-E-F1554d ago

Great because I want to Platinum all of the Uncharted games. After I started my platinum resolve I always say i'd go back to the uncharted series but just sooo many other games I never made it. This would be beast. Perhaps this is why I bought TLOU for a second time. smh

konohashin1554d ago

how? It will bring life into the Uncharted2 remaster multiplayer. Uncharted 2 multiplayer will probably die even more.

Flamingweazel1554d ago have to be mentally incompetent to not be able to play shooters with the ps3 controller. it works fine...It's not rocket science...this nonsense about controller sis the biggest nonsense I've ever seen, they are not hard to use or adjust to unless you're a retard.

Yes ps3 controller was not as good fro shooters but it worlked fine,

DS 4 rocks though.

Syntax-Error1554d ago

Judging ND's history of remasters(TLOU), it will look exactly like the PS3 version

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-Foxtrot1555d ago

I hope they can make Drakes Fortune look as good as Drakes Deception.

PinkEye1555d ago ShowReplies(7)
ginsunuva1554d ago

Remaster =/= remake.

The games would just be higher res and faster framerate.

Khronikos1555d ago

Yeah well, I've already played these games lol. And no these games aren't going to hold a candle to games like Driveclub and Order lol.

extermin8or1555d ago

then... don't buy it-your choice.

FalloutWanderer20771555d ago

Witcher 3 more like it! :p Now that is gonna be the best looking next gen game for a wile IMO.

PersonMan1555d ago

No, Uncharted 2 will NOT look better than any other next gen game. Uncharted 2 looked good for it's time, but it just doesn't have the lighting, particle effects and shaders that this gen has.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Loktai1555d ago

You think they cant update lighting and particle effects? Thats generally what they do in a "remaster" the word in play here isnt port... its an update.

The environments are sweet if they do a good job it might impress more than you'd think.

PersonMan1555d ago

Look at the Last of Us remaster... it's barely different from the PS3 version. Still hardly any grass, the environments look almost identical and it seems like all they did was make the game higher resolution and changed the frame rate to 60.

starchild1555d ago

Well, even The Last of Us Remastered isn't the best looking game this generation, so unless they really do a lot to enhance Uncharted 2 I don't see how it could be the best looking game. It looked amazing for a console game of its time, but too many aspects of it look dated by today's standards.

gameDevWannaBe1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

TLOU graphics are ok but is not best looking next gen. Sony fans calm down lol..

Will look great though. Remake everything I guess.

GOW next?

I'll get ps4 when BloodBourne or UC4 drops. Next gen meh so far since I play ps4 at a friends house many times. I think all this remakes are ok but backwards compatibility is a great thing on my pc..

compatibility > remakes in my opinion.

I am sure just like ps3, ps4 will deliver over time. They just filling in gaps with remakes it seems.. Next gen seems boring so far to me.

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DigitalRaptor1555d ago

That would be a no-brainer choice, and a day one purchase.

I'm with Foxtrot. I wonder how good they could make a 2007 first-generation PS3 game look on PS4.

fhizikz1555d ago

Is this really needed? Like really.

Thatguy-3101555d ago

If people want it don't see what's wrong with it.

ginsunuva1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I want a Holocaust remake IRL.

Nothing wrong with it because I want it.

SCW19821555d ago

Only reason I still have my ps3 is uncharted 1 2 and 3. So yes this is very much needed.

Imalwaysright1555d ago

It's needed because PS4 doesn't have BC.

RedDevils1554d ago

PS now is meh for us European gamers

Imalwaysright1555d ago

PS now? I thought it was paid streaming service! Will my PS1, PS2 and PS3 discs work on it?

LamerTamer1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

You forget that not everyone with a PS4 was a PS3 owner. Many xbox users defected from MS after they announced all of that DRM crap and have found out how weak the xbone hardware is. Many 360 owners have PS4 now. They never played the UC games. To them it is not a remaster but a whole new game.


PS now? yeah because playing the games using an expensive service where you don't own the game, where the graphics quality is compressed and there is input lag is as good as playing a remaster native at a full 1080p 60 fps. Right.

Sly-Lupin1554d ago

The PS4 needs more ports. Fanboys don't need games to be good, new or original to masturbate to their corporate idols. Existence alone is sufficient.

bloodybutcher1554d ago

It's non of your business if we masturbate to sony, oprah or sour cucumber. Maybe it'd help your mentality to stop fantasizing about objects that strangers masturbate to.

Sly-Lupin1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I wouldn't mind all the metaphoric masturbation if it weren't done so loudly and publicly, and to so great a detriment to proper gamers.

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