Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Hands On Impressions

SheAttack: Erica of SheAttack went hands on with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at the Gamestop Expo this week. Here are her first impressions! Is COD: AW a step in the right direction? Find out.

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qwerty6761554d ago

didnt even know there was a gamestop expo.

paddy951554d ago

This will easily be the best fps this year. There's just no competition.

Summons751554d ago

That was the best joke I heard all day, thanks for the good laugh but you should probably /s after so people know it's a joke.

illAmpRefugee1554d ago

good joke Cod AW best fps? no way far cry 4 is definitely going to be better. Cod sucks and has for a while the best thing they have to offer now isn't even mp or campaign its freaking co op zombies...thats pretty sad when u think about a series that became famous for its mp now is so bad ppl only play it for co op zombies now lol... basically the point is Cod sucks its to damn easy and the mp is the same every year with map packs and new skins thrown on... TRust me this kills me to say these things i used to love cod and would love for the series to be resesitated but honestly I just don't see that happening with Advanced Warfare the game will not bring the mp back to life... I'll just wait for BLack ops 3 next year treyarch might pull it off

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OculusRift1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

-I take my comment back.

brewskiebob1554d ago

A good rental but untill call of duty makes a game where time to kill is longer and aim matters its just another who fires first shooter. Tho the teens will eat it up