Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Limited Edition Announced, Detailed

Hardcore Gamer: Aksys Games has announced that Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN will have a North American exclusive limited edition.

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kratoz12091135d ago

So excited for this game

voodoochild3461134d ago

Hopefully they get the netcode right. I'm going to invest in a stick and properly play I-No.

DCfan1134d ago

BBCP's netcode was fantastic. ArcSys will sure do the same for GGXrd

Inception1134d ago

Another nail for my poor wallet >.<

Deathdeliverer1134d ago

Day freaking one. Ive never missed an Guilty Gear. Won't start now.

Spotie1134d ago

Never owned one, but, I did play one around 2002. And, of course, I got hooked on BlazBlue.

Can't wait.

reko1134d ago

good, i pre-ordered this game couple months ago. cant wait!!