Destiny’s Downfall: What the Game Could Have Been

CraveOnline: "Destiny‘s got a lot of great ideas, but it fails to flesh those ideas out. It’s a game that sounds exponentially better on paper than it does in practice, and although it has hooked its claws into me, at almost every corner I have been left thinking about what could have been if only Bungie had followed through on its ideas a little more. Here’s what Destiny is now, and what it could have been."

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fitfox1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I rented this, played it for ten minutes, then took it back. ok maybe more like 30 min. but still.

PlayableGamez1556d ago

Dude 30 mins? You didn't even scrape the surface of a Destiny experience.

cyclindk1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Nope, that's about all it really takes to figure out what you'll be doing and experiencing for the rest of the game... tell me exactly how it is not representative of that?

You shoot, level up, shoot, level up (and of course leveling up as with almost every other game means little more than your stats change, just as with enemies... completely arbitrary garbage of the last few generations, a lazy way to make gamers feel like they have accomplished something).

I might add that I love the atmosphere and universe they have created, just sad they didn't fill it out. Skyrim has plenty of flaws, but the world felt far richer and full (though expected because it has so many prequels and lore to build off of).

Destiny could have been so much more.

Xsilver1556d ago

if you played the beta you basically scraped the surface tbh.

ion6661556d ago

It really is a limited shooter. multiplayer is broken. If you didnt start the at launch ,expect to get chewed out in multiplayer.Everyone is over powered. campaign is all but four big stages, earth,moon, venus and mars. seriously thats it!.I think resistance 3 had a more fleshed out gameplay.

Cryptcuzz1555d ago Show
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OldDude1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Congratulations you missed the point of the whole game. I doubt 90% of the haters on this game have even tried it. Let alone played it for 30 minutes.

Haters gotta hate I guess.

Soldierone1556d ago

Like most games they probably just watched some gameplay on Youtube.... lmao

Play a game for 30 minutes and you get a feel on how a 10+ hour game will be? You can't even get into Crucible in that time frame.....

KONAAs1555d ago

actually i was doign the same thin in the first 30 min to what i was doing 6 hrs in to it,
1. travel to mission.
2. kill enemys.
3 ghost scan/open dors.
4. fight enemy waves in a section where respawn is not permmited.
5. finish lvl and repeat.
once i got to the MP i never touched the SP. got $40 for it at bestbuy

OldDude1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Double post...

Cryptcuzz1556d ago

Then you are doing it wrong.

I just finally got to level 20 yesterday and the game really opens up with different modes and things you can do.

I'm surprised everyone doesn't realize what the video game journalism has come to nowadays. It's all about click bait articles and creating drama.

With a huge game like Destiny, it's a perfect target for them to get a ton of free visits to their website and all they would have to do is make negative articles about the game.

Even ones sounding like they liked the game, since the game is has a lot of attention right now, they will nitpick and find something negative to say, why? It's because when a game has a lot of attention and everyone expects that game to be good with high review scores, if they see otherwise, they will want to click on the article and see why.

cyclindk1556d ago

What can you do? Tell us?... That's all any of the "haters gotta hate" proponents seem to say. "it really opens up" "so much more you can do"

What exactly can you do that differs at all...

ShowGun9011556d ago

just watch, soon the reviews for destiny will be 2/10, just to see if they can garner a few more hits... maybe the review will be on 12 different pages!

its the same mentality as 24/7 news channels, just spit peoples own opinions back at them... cause it works. once they understand theres apparently this much agitation about the game, youre gonna see click-hungry sites capitalizing on that. i'd be willing to bet this trend will continue.

...and most of these sites aren't even video-game sites at all, crave online is a general entertainment site! every site we've never heard of has come outta the woodwork to bash destiny! its kinda sad that they're right, this is what people will react to...

personally i think destiny is awesome! see yall in the crucible!

CorndogBurglar1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@ Cyclindk

Well, for starters, it opens up more options for better gear/weapons. It opens up new game modes, including the weekly raid missions. There are the upcoming Nightfall missions. Not to mention the expansions down the road, I believe the first one is in December.

This does not even take into account all of the new, free content thats already slated. Let me give you a run down: Before the end of this month there are new missions coming out, one called Combined Arms, which allows you to pilot mechs. There are also new missions titled Queen's Wrath. Every weekend there are new competitive multiplayer matches with their own rewards. And again, Sept 16th is the Vault of Glass, which is a Level 26 Raid. You wouldn't even want to try it until you are over level 20, and have a good team.

Once you get high enough in level, and get good enough gear, then you can start to compete in the Iron Banner multiplayer matches, which takes away any and all matchmaking guidelines, and just puts everyone together for a free-for-all, regardless of level. (So, obviously, you want to be high-end to compete, otherwise the people with higher levels and better gear are going to stomp you.)

Bungie has claimed that this type of content is going to be a constant thing through the life of this game. If Destiny isn't your thing, thats fine. But please don't act like its because Bungie isn't offering enough content to keep it fresh. They've pretty much already proven that isn't the case.

Cryptcuzz1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


At level 16 and 20, it unlocks Strike playlists and RAID's.

PVP: If one just wants a solid online multiplayer shooting game, you can spend a tremendous amount of time just owning others in this mode. You see, basically all shooting game has the campaign as an after thought. The longevity and allure to a shooting game is usually the online multiplayer and in this game, this mode alone is up there with the best.

If one reaches level 20, you are not close to maxing out whatever class one chose at the start. Hell, if you want, why not choose to level up another class? Games like Diablo have people doing this as well and find out how many hours they have put into the game.

There are weekly/monthly events with awesome gears. For example, Vault of Glass, which no one knows is inside, doesn't become available until September 16th.

This is what you said: "What exactly can you do that differs at all..."

So I ask you, what more do you want?

Tell me what game from any genre that has so many things that you can do that differs at all from their design, as a result of making said game in that genre? For every damn game in every genre, there is only so much you can do.

What can you do? Tell us? That is what you said.

Now YOU tell ME (I don't need "us" this is my opinion and I say what I said for myself and not for any other group, for or against this game) what game have you played the differs at all from what you can do in any game you have played????? I'll be waiting, but won't be holding my breath for such a narrow minded attempt at a comment.

Cryptcuzz1555d ago


Exactly! You understood how I feel about this as well. Cheers.

cyclindk1555d ago

Ohhhh so you mean shoot some more!!! Ohhh okay......

good lord...

cyclindk1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

"Now YOU tell ME (I don't need "us" this is my opinion and I say what I said for myself and not for any other group, for or against this game) what game have you played the differs at all from what you can do in any game you have played????? I'll be waiting, but won't be holding my breath for such a narrow minded attempt at a comment."


Not that I much cared for these elements in any particular way, but all added and varied the experience in a MEANINGFUL way:

- lock picking
- more varied in its implementation of skills which worked with the lore very well and as a gameplay feature (not freaking MENUS hah)
- enemy AI variety
- crafting alone has more depth to it then the entirety of what you find in Destiny unrelated to killing things
- et cetera

Last of Us:

- again crafting
- amazing AI by all standards
- unrivaled animation system
- visually stunning and fluid
- difficulty settings actually feel like more than simply higher stat-ed enemies
- BUT THE REAL kicker is that this all carried over to the multiplayer element so flawlessly, there is no other game like it.

Mass Effect series
Fallout (essentially Skyrim)

Literally all you do, all the modes you mention amounts to pecking away at enemies with guns, few "powers" and so forth...

THAT is what doesn't change at all, and unless what you as a player like to do more than anything else in any game is just fire at junk, then this game is a hollow, plain and simple.

Try not to lose your cool ace :) oh I mean Guardian... duh duh duh be sure to wear your fancy level 20 armor to prom

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system221556d ago

if you only played for 30 min then you missed about 99% of what actually makes it fun. thats like watching the opening credits to a movie and bailing cuz you didn't like the font.

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Meltic1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

funny game the first couple of Days. Now when ive explored almost all its boring. Though it would be bigger.

ForgivenZombie1556d ago

Exactly, I beat the story in under 8 hours, finished at level it's just rehash of the same old garbage. I'm very disappointed in Destiny, I thought it would be so much larger. "each world is the size of halo reach" yeah right, it took longer for me to beat reach. FAIL

Akira20201556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

...Watchdogs, Titanfall, Destiny....well, they say it always comes in 3's, so whatever comes next should kick ass.

It's looking good for COD: Advance Warfare.

lolosgolos1556d ago

Just Watchdogs and Destiny. Titanfall did what it was made to do very well. The other two not so much

DanielGearSolid1556d ago

My friends seem to be enjoying it

ion6661555d ago

Because its a nice distraction till assassin creed unity.Truth !

DanielGearSolid1555d ago

Sure I guess, idk...

Fps aren't that fun for me

Agent20091556d ago

I feel kinda lucky to be seemingly one of the few people out there who genuinely enjoy this game, and this one comes from a man who's not a fan of either shooters and online gaming in general. After playing for several hours, I'd consider it a powerful contender for a GOTY 2014.

My expectations were low in the first place, so maybe that's the key.

Flipgeneral1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Same here!

I was expecting a pretty stale game. But I've been thoroughly entertained thus far (11 titan)

Cryptcuzz1555d ago

That's great guys, at least ya'll got into with low expectations and came out enjoying it as much as I have. Also, at least you guys haven't jumped on the hate bandwagon for the game.

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