IGN- Freedom Wars: Colluding With the State and Staying Out of Prison on PS Vita

Colin Moriarty- "Back in June, I played Freedom Wars at E3, an impressive Vita-exclusive that takes a page or two from the Monster Hunter book of design. Games like this aren't exactly unprecedented on Vita, of course -- Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, and Ragnarok Odyssey are just a few like-minded titles -- but Freedom Wars may just best them all when it comes to gameplay, polish, and insane levels of granularity."

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Catoplepas1376d ago

I may have to partake. This looks pretty damn good.

rottencheese1375d ago

Be sure to contribute and support your favourite city.
It is a lot of fun to invade enemy Panopticons online.

dcj05241376d ago

Herp derp bu Vita iz ded

Inception1375d ago

Bu bu bu but they said vita haz no AAA gaem, only indiezzz

Anyway, can't wait to play this game and customize my private android :3

Loktai1376d ago

My job performance is going to suffer terribly.

Rockets121375d ago

How did I miss the release date?! Can't wait to get this game. Played the japanese demo and absolutely loved it

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The story is too old to be commented.