'Destiny' is the biggest digital game launch in Activision's history

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick revealed Friday the tremendous success of "Destiny," the publisher's recent release, was made possible by consumers choosing to buy the game in digital format.

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Geekman1552d ago

It's also the subject of the internets wrath.

NewMonday1552d ago

and also the subject of gamer fun

ShowGun9011552d ago

exactly. there are dozens of people complaining about it online, and millions having fun playing it... sounds like a success to me, and im having a blast with it. maybe its cause i have friends to play it with?

donthate1552d ago

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a game, any game really.

but I do not remember the last time that a game with such overwhelmingly bad critical review (scores) has sold so many copies, and their fans is so delusional that they deny the quality of the game.

There are so many clues:

a) not providing the game for review early

b) extremely soulless world in the beta (which proves the final game is exactly the same)

c) professional critics from major site are giving the game 60-70

Instead we are getting people that are in denial and sadly if this continues we will get a flood of low quality games that will sell well.

Welcome to the future of gaming!

Meltic1552d ago

I have 1 friend too play with. When we play the game is so much more fun. Other than that its not fun.

CerealKiller1552d ago

Sales numbers would help.

slate911552d ago

This game will keep on giving. I believe Bungie has a LOT in store for us and this is just the tip of the ice burg. Hope Im not wrong. Im at level 21 and very addicted. Great job! Congrats!

Software_Lover1552d ago

I really wish Microsoft would implement the retail/digital format for some of us that would prefer it. I'm buying digital, but I would rather buy retail, install, and not worry about putting the disc back in.

Does anyone have a "No CD" crack lol.

My options now are to buy digital, then buy retail when the games are 10.00 and under just to add to my shelf/collection.

16bitNutritionist1552d ago

But then u could just sell the retail copy....Microsoft and sony ain't got time for that shiz....

Fireseed1552d ago

That has so much abuse case potential it's not even funny.

Raider691552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Im sure it was;since Activision wins more money by ripping gamers with the overpriced digital version than with the physical disc edition!But please stop overreacting on the sales of the digital version because im pretty sure that they didnt surpass the pysical ones unless demand was not met by Activision IN ORDER TO PUSH FOR DIGITAL OVERPRICED SALES! Too bad for the people that got this game digital due to the overhype and end up not liking it,digital cant be resale or trade!

annoyedgamer1552d ago

All publishers rip off gamers with Digital games.

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The story is too old to be commented.