Episodic Gaming and Capcom’s Attempts to Appease Their Fan Base

It’s no real secret that Capcom’s massive Resident Evil series has been suffering from somewhat mixed fortunes of late. The fifth and sixth main games in the series hardly achieved a rapturous critical reception, thanks in no small part to the co-operative play mechanics that the company seems intent on foisting on users, whether they want them or not.

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MrSwankSinatra1556d ago

Everytime crapcom takes one step forward they end up taking five steps back. I'm at the point I wish someone would buy crapcom to save their franchises, because crapcom literally hasn't a damn clue what they're doing anymore.

-Foxtrot1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

They always say they are trying to appeal to both fanbases and incorporated both elements in one game while respect the old RE gameplay mechanics but at the end of the day the final product is always the totally contradicts what they've said leading up to the games release.

They will do anything to lure old RE fans back into the game and saying that it's going to go back to it's horror roots is just a way of grabbing their attention. They've done it three times now, first with RE5, RE6 and even Revelations which was better but still no where near.

Now they expect us to believe them about Revelations 2 despite the fact after they talked about respecting the old games and listening to fan feedback they reveal it has co-op. Not to mention people have stated how they don't care about new characters yet instead of Barry Burton they added his daughter, I mean why the hell would she be with Claire.

I'll pity anyone who buys into their lies and clever marketing again.

How hard would it of been to make this game with Claire facing Zombies, not more over the top creatures who AGAIN can wield guns.

I mean look at the trailer, it's been cleverly done to trick people into thinking it's going to be scary and about horror again. They did the exact same with RE6 when they showed a trailer with Leon in that creepy house.

Inception1556d ago

"Not to mention PEOPLE have stated how they don't care about new characters"

Who are this people, because i want Claire and a new characters in Revelations 2.

"yet instead of Barry Burton they added his daughter"

Barry care so much about his family and when Wesker threatened to kill his family (RE 1) he agreed to co-operate with Wesker. So maybe Barry will appear in Revelations 2, who knows. I still don't get why you complaining a lot when we didn't know much about the game, including Moira.

"I mean why the hell would she be with Claire"

Why not? Both Chris and Barry are team mates in Stars and as the only sister that Chris had obviously Claire will knew his brother friends, including Barry AND his family. Not to mention all of them are survivors of Raccoon City.

Seriously, that's the most simple answer if you really a RE fans.

"I'll pity anyone who buys into their lies and clever marketing again"

Than simple: don't buy it, rather than provoke people who interested to play the game.

But for a guy who hated Revelations 2 you sure put a lot of attention to it lol.

"How hard would it of been to make this game with Claire facing Zombies, not more over the top creatures who AGAIN can wield guns"

In Code Veronica, Claire faced Steve who turns into a zombie / monster / B.O.W and it using a big f*kin axe. Bitch please.

Agent_hitman1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Cons about is game are:

1. Coop online requirement

2. Claire is the only playable character even if this game is idiotic... err. I mean episodic.

3. No zombies, but rather, another stupid mutated B.O.WS that are annoying than scary.

3. Episodic means, you'll have to throw more money to play the whole damn game to the end.. thanks crap com

4. Capcom's alibi about listening to their fan base was just clearly a PR nightmare whatsoever.

5. but nevertheless, this game will definitely sell well just like the previous REs even if the fans don't really like it just like me.. That's the Revelation

ShaunCameron1556d ago

On #4, Capcom is actually listening to its fanabase. It's just that its fanbase largely consist of those who grew up on the 2005-present RE games.

gantarat1556d ago

that why they make everyone happy in re 6 (but most people not happy)

gantarat1556d ago

Siren Blood Curse use episodic content system too but people not complain anything.

jony_dols1554d ago

Siren Blood Curse - 2008 - Fresh take
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 2015 - Jaded cash-in

T2X1556d ago

People just love to complain about everything. Whether it's episodic or not. How about waiting and seeing how it is before whining?

-Foxtrot1555d ago

Because judging by RE5, RE6 and Revelation we pretty much know the outcome. Why keep telling people to wait and see when judging from their past games you already can guess what's going to happen.

People said the thing about RE6, it came out and it was crap.

T2X1548d ago

Actually many people enjoyed it. Me being one of them. But, then again, I played it through and never touched it again.