TGR Review: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Does Old Snake have one last good game left in him?

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Wildarmsjecht3142d ago

I think its a well written review, but his reasonsings behind the sound was alittle...underwhelming. Considering you have an Ipod that chronocles themes from Metal Gear games since the first, I don't see how he can complain about music.

Relin3142d ago

Perhaps, but the music composed for the game didn't feel as epic to me, so I can't exactly disagree with his score.

Wildarmsjecht3142d ago

True, I can completely see how you might feel that way. There were some scenes however, where the orchestral was incredible

*SPOILERS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~*

Most notably, the final fight between snake and ocelot. The switch up to represent the changes that have arisen since the original metal gear was a genius effect, and the songs played during scenes where you're controlling snake on one half of the screen and theres something going on in the other split half was nice. I guess It's more a personal thing.

Relin3142d ago

Thanks for ruining the game for me, jerk. Haha...

OgTheClever3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

l couldn't help but shed a tear when Snake Eater started playing.

Wildarmsjecht3142d ago

hahaha, sorry, I'll make sure to make my font like 36 size with extra bold :P

ThanatosDMC3142d ago

Best boss fight EVER!!!

Their fight was just brutal! Fight Club!!!

rockleex3141d ago

Rule #1: There IS NO fight club

Rule #2: There IS NO fight club!!!

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cain1413142d ago

I can't wait till I get a chance to try this game out...

g3nkie3142d ago

omg, its definitely a different experience that shouldn't be missed. Nothing else like it.

ThanatosDMC3142d ago

Dont go to N4G links that has MGS4 on it... you dont want to get spoiled!

Your jaw is gonna drop... the cinematics are awesome!

Surfman3142d ago

the more i play the game, the more i get frustrating about the scores under 10 lol. Anyway for some reviewer, they dont like stealt-games, or for them, 10 doesnt exist, or dont even played the game.. Anyway we all know that the game is the best of his generation, and even more, so now the new reviews are'nt needed anymore.

Expy3142d ago

This reviewer's horrible, he's comparing MGO to Halo 3? They aren't even on the same platform.

dannyhinote_133142d ago

It wouldn't make that much sense to say something like Resistance or Warhawk because, while both are great multiplayer titles, they haven't reached the same critical mass that CoD4 and Halo 3 have attained.

g3nkie3142d ago

Don't you know? They even compare Final Fantasy with Halo now n' days...

Erasmus3142d ago

I have never played any of the previous MGS games, so i'll have to give this one a rent to see if the series appeals to me.

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