Bloodborne: Exclusive Wallpapers Released

VgamerZ presents a set of five Bloodborne exclusive wallpapers in high definition portraying various landscapes and events in the upcoming game.

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WillGuitarGuy1104d ago

Not HD and with large watermarks, move along folks.

Senyra1104d ago

It's 1920x1080 and the watermark, well I made it off trailers, so it's justified. It takes awhile to make them look that way.

WillGuitarGuy1104d ago

1080p off YouTube isn't native and very compressed.

geddesmond1103d ago

Who said it was off youtube?? You do know you can download the uncompressed 1080p trailer right?

MEsoJD1103d ago

They look awful and it's not hard to do. "Exclusive" please... At least use uncompressed trailers to screencap.

Muzikguy1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

The title comes across as the publisher/developer released these. They aren't very good. Then we find out that someone just "made them". Ok, that's not "bloodborne exclusive" wallpapers. Might as well just be pictures then. And not exclusive pictures as a third party, in this case, made them. I guess to me if it were exclusive it would be from the creators, maybe I'm missing something

Then there's the "released" part. That 100% is meaning from the creator. I could snap a picture and say "LOOK AN EXCLUSIVE FIRST EVER SEEN WALLPAPER RELEASED HERE AND NOW" yet all I did was snap a picture off my phone that I had zoomed in to make a wallpaper image. It's not official or exclusive, I'm sorry.

maniac761103d ago

Those are some lame wallpapers. Fans will do better