Konami Teases for 9/12/14, Pranks Fans

Konami teases fans.

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scark921164d ago

Wonder is its got to do with the 2014 collection..

DarkOcelet1164d ago

Its bomberman game for mobile , soooo lame :/

DevilOgreFish1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

It was bomberman game for mobile devices.

damn, and i was so hoping for some metal gear. oh well, TGS can't come soon enough. :(

guitarded771164d ago

Wow... someone at Konami needs a good bitch slapping for teasing that.

jnelson55441164d ago

Who knows, but Konami does like to create high drama.

Simco8761164d ago

Tease me with Suikoden, I don't even care if it's fake!

GT671164d ago

they-can-TEASE-the-hell-outta- me-with-New-CONTRA!!!!

Gatsu1164d ago

Konami played us like a damn fiddle... Maybe next one will finally be about what 99% of Earth's population want, considering TPP release.

jnelson55441164d ago

Yep, they got us all good. But the TGS is coming up soon, so maybe we'll have MGS news there.

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