DirectX 12 Will Result Into Free Performance Gains, Microsoft Taking A Unifying Step With The API

Charles Cox, the founder of 4gency has been following Microsoft's API, DirectX for a long time. Right from the DirectX 3 days, Charles has been keeping tabs on how the API has evolved in the last so many years.

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Foehammer1554d ago

Good to hear.

Just like all the previous generations, the games will look better and better as time goes on.

mrpsychoticstalker1554d ago

Which such a strong lineup in the next upcoming months. Graphics is the less I am worried about. need time and money to get all those amazing games. Forza sunset. Mcc. Etc

cruzngta1554d ago

Agreed. Time and money is the real issue. Just picked up Destiny, warriors orichi3, diablo 3 and metro redux for my xb1. All great games and my library is now up to 18 games. Next up is Horizon 2, Sunset OD, COD Advanced Warfare and of course Halo MCC. Its going to be one hell of a good fall season 4 me and many others. Sunset OD is the game I have been willing to raid a third world country for - gonna be up many late nights playing the hell out of that game. That is my kind of game and reminds me alot of the first crackdown and saints row.

XBLSkull1554d ago

Halo and AC on the same day- then Dragon Age, GTA and Far Cry all on the same day a week later? Why the F do they do that to us? How about one of those games every 2 months throughout the year?

ABizzel11554d ago

Forget 2014, 2015 is death of a wallet.

avengers19781554d ago

The year of the broke gamer... For sure

Clunkyd1554d ago

It's not an issue if you set money on the side to save up for times like these. Money management, buddy :)

BX811554d ago

You have to consider some people have kids, bills, and real world issues to deal with not just teenage problems. I'm fortunate enough to have all those issues and still have money to pick up when I want but I'm not the majority. Money management for most adults isn't video games. It's food and bills.

cruzngta1554d ago

What this all means in layman's terms : 'Da Secret Sauce is a comin.........' Takes time 2 cook thats all. I am sure this will imrpove performance for the XB1 and that will help with the whole 1080p/esram problems that some devs had. XB1 is a unique machine and as time goes by it has just been getting better. This will push it over the top.

wynams1554d ago

so ... sorta like teh cloud only different?

1554d ago
DragoonsScaleLegends1554d ago

Why do articles keep getting posted saying they have pushed the performance further? With the amount of gains they have said it would make you think that it now has superior hardware to the PS4 when it simply doesn't. But I am interested in getting an XO due to the exclusive games it will be getting but my PS4 will still be my go to for multiplayer and third party games. I got a Wii U for exclusives and I'm loving it so far.

IcicleTrepan1554d ago

But it's not Microsoft saying any of these things.

WilDRangeRfc1554d ago

I have both Xbox Live hands down is the best this weeks PSN issues prove that and the Lizard Squad attack,multiplayer Xbox PS4 for single player and exclusives,I pay for PSN and Live and have not stopped playing TLOUR online ( when there aren't issues signing in etc )

DragoonsScaleLegends1554d ago

I have had PSN for years and have only had issues a few times. Once when it was hacked years ago and now with the recent events. These were the only times I ever had issues unexpectedly. Has Xbox Live never gone down in it's whole life? I doubt it but everthing gets screwed over and PSN seems like the go to for hate.

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