The Dragon Interview "With action-RPG Dragon about to allow people to early-access it on Steam in a week, I decided to ask Erik Johnson of Red Level Games (and Arcen Games) a few questions. Happily, he decided to answer them. Let us get one thing out of the way first... Will we really get to play as fully grown dragons in Dragon?

Red Level Games: Yes -- no false advertising on that front. And not just any dragon, your dragon. We want the game to contain a really robust character creator, and for players to have a variety of branching options as their dragon gains experience and evolves (through various means such as completing quests, eating, sleeping, and so on). A fledgling version of the character creator will be in by Early Access next week, and it might still be possible for us to release it ahead of the 19th -- which would give those interested a chance to customize a bit ahead of jumping into the first public Alpha build."

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