Level7 Destiny Review

Level7: "Instead of coming up with anything interesting and worthwhile, Destiny takes mechanics from better games and grinds them to a halt in an incredibly repetitive and monotonous experience. The PvP is all right and the presentation may be gorgeous, but the pretty surface only serves to remind us of the emptiness inside."

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ThatOneGuyThere1552d ago

thats like, just your opinion, man.

seriously though, destiny is diablo 3 with guns in the FPS perspective. Once you realize that, you "get" it and can have a freaking blast playing co-op with friends.

tuglu_pati1552d ago

I guess Bungie knew what was coming. Probably that's why they delayed the reviews :)

All jokes aside, Im having a lot of fun with it, i think is more like an 8.

XBLSkull1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Agreed. Most of these reviews are just haters it seems like, I'd give it 8/10 as well. Most of us knew Bungie couldn't outdo Halo, but it is still a solid game I think.

343i will redeem Bungie though releasing their 3 best titles with better graphics and the same killer gameplay though.

NewMonday1552d ago

this is some websites attempting revenge for not getting a free pre-release copy of the game, they are losing relevancy, they are nothing more than troll blogs now.

I hope more publishers stop giving away games for these websites and communicate directly with the community.

Corpser1552d ago

It's like diablo 3... with a lot less areas, a lot less loot, a lot less variety in weapons/abilities

sobotz1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Co-op which I can only waves and dances to people, I can't chat with strangers in co-op nor voip my team in Crucibles.

"Diablo 3 with guns" You spelled Borderlands wrong. Destiny missions are boring, and the loot doesn't really satisfying.. Sometimes you only get 1-2 gear per mission/patrol/strike... and that's probably 70% not exotic/legendary

ShowGun9011552d ago

i dont get some of the arguments against THIS game...

so if you got 50 crap peices of gear per mission, you'd like the game then? No? then thats not an argument, just an opinion. you wish they'd throw you more crap gear. do you REALLY want 70% of the loot to be exotic/legendary? then what would the really rare stuff be? super-legendary?

you can chat with your fireteam, maybe bungee intended for you to party up? you can chat in the crucible, or do like my clan does and just go to party chat anyway.

ive seen people say things are problems with destiny that has never been brought up in the past... funny thing, when the hater train starts rolling...

sobotz1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I'm not the hater, I'm just a consumer who disappointed by its product.

More loot = More option, which is more satisfying to me. Like any RPG such as Diablo and Borderlands, there's a LOT of different builds for each class which contains different legendaries equipment. In Destiny? not so much. As long as you got full purple set, no matter what class, you can instantly become the strongest on your team.

"Maybe bungie intended for you to party up" That's a lame excuse for a missing component on the game. Yeah sure you can chat in Party Chat, but I don't want to join a party with a strangers just to chat with them.

And that 20 lvl capped? really? I know you can go past further than that by enhancing some equipment. But that's really lame.

I can go on, to write what's wrong with Destiny. Only 20 missions, invisible walls, and max 3 party squad? really?

ThatOneGuyThere1552d ago

Diablo, which i freaking love to play with the same people i play destiny with now, has massive amounts of loot...and only a few items at the end game that are worth obtaining. 99% of it i just sell or salvage anyways. I find in destiny the things i do get im more excited about on average. Also, i did a boss fight last night in destiny that lasted 30 minutes with my 2 friends. it was insane. and helllllllllla fun. Diablo, the "hardest" guy in the game lasted a couple of minutes. kinda weak when you've got gear that HEALS YOU when the enemy hits you. and its not that destiny is simply harder, or more challenging, its that the enemies AI is so much better and it genuinely makes it more fun. Diablo can be damn hard, but its only because when you crank the difficulty up it increases their health and damage, nothing else.

Palitera1552d ago

Diablo is infinitely more creative, varied, tightly design etc etc etc than the good game Destiny. Still a good game, but come on... Different leagues.

Shadonic1552d ago

I'm surprised by Bungies lack of variety in weaponry. I guess its best to keep balance unless they were for the Heavy weapons then maybe it could work.

JsonHenry1552d ago

This is like an FPSMMO with minimal loot, minimal customization, minimal world map, minimal crafting, and minimal "Massive" in "Massively Multiplayer Online".

What is there is good! There just isn't a lot there. This game will most likely shine a year or two from now assuming they constantly update and polish it like most MMOs.

Palitera1552d ago

The minimalism, though, is on the wrong places, because there's an abundance of loading screens and unnecessary menus and restraints.

The connectivity is also very limited. You can play with randoms on open areas, but they disappear once you enter meaningful sections.

ThatOneGuyThere1552d ago

its an online FPS. everything else is gravy. know your genre.

Torque_CS_Lewith1552d ago

And here I was thinking that ALL reviews were just somebody's opinions.

3-4-51552d ago

5/10 = broken game.

This game is awesome, only thing lacking is the story.

People are Jumping on the bandwagon and just exposing themselves & their lack of credibility.

Let's compare every game they gave 6/10 or above to Destiny.

I think we will find, they are just trying to get you to click on their site.

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mrpsychoticstalker1552d ago

Finally a review I 100% agree with. Good job n4g.

Shadonic1552d ago

He gave COD GHOSTS a higher score !? his opinion is now invalid that game was just the embodiment of trash in the form of a disk.

Redgehammer1552d ago

If opinions are like a$$holes, and everyone has one; then, I would like to point out, Level 7's is exceptionally stinky. I disagree with every point made in its review, of Destiny.

MatriXcian1552d ago

I think a 5 out of 10 is a little much but a 7 out of 10 fits this game perfectly. Destiny is just not all Bungie cracked it up to be. The gameplay is solid albeit repepetative as hell but the story is nonexistent and the worlds are just empty and boring.

Panthers1552d ago

I wish the story was nonexistent. The story they have is terrible. I LOVE Sci-Fi and Halo is my favorite Sci-Fi universe after Star Craft. So how could they mess this up so bad?

I am going to keep playing with friends because at least that is fun. But damn, I need lore to get me into these games.

ShowGun9011552d ago

seriously, anybody who thinks this game is a 5/10 (a failing grade, mind you) obviously either has never played a BAD, BAD game, is completely biased, or looking for hits for their site...

ive played terminator salvation on ps3, THATS a 5 outta 10 kinda game... 5/10 is (for me) "STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME" territory... if were going by metacritic ratings, according to this site, Destiny is MUCH WORSE than EAs new UFC game, worse than Sniper Elite III, and only SLIGHTLY better than Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (which was horrendous!)

this site is clearly trolling for hits. there ARE things to critisize in Destiny, but not enough to drop it to a 5. Zero glitches, beautiful vistas, solid gameplay mechanics, GREAT PvP, and a stellar co-op experience apparently make for a failing game to this site. sad that "gaming journalism" has devolved into vomiting the vocal minorities opinions back at them in a sad attempt to make money.

all my opinion, but i don't think even its critics think this game is as bad a game as Transformers: rise of the dark spark... LOL

grailly1552d ago

come on now, the scale goes from 1 to 10, if 5 is "STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME" what's anything under that?


Phene1552d ago

Yeh I think you cant quantify game reviews unless there's a universal ranking criteria. That said, you're right a 5 = don't buy. Destiny is far from that, isn't amazing but is definitely not a "don't buy" game.

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