GameTrailers: MGS4 Beauty Photoshoots

In-game photoshoots of the BB Corps in their beauty forms.

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chidj23745d ago

OMG the south african one is so freaking hooooot

Homicide3745d ago

Laughing Octopus is hot. My favorite one out of the 4.

socomnick3745d ago

the black one is kinda ugly she looks like a tranny. Laughing octopus is the hottest.

Mainman3745d ago

What happens when time runs out? You get a game over or something?

Jink3744d ago

they're all cladded 90% in LATEX! yesss! total hottness!, don't care for desagrees but that's how women should look like, and Kojima knows it!, thanks Kojima!

This is the best spoiler I ever had!, LaughingBeauty for me!

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Spike473745d ago

Crying Wolf and Raging....something are my favorites.

Kojima has redeemed himself from the gayness of one of the trailers he released.

chidj23745d ago

yes the octopus is so dammmn hot

PirateThom3745d ago

Yes, Lyndall Jarvis is really amazing.

Short hair and blondes usually do nothing for me, but she is stunning.

chidj23745d ago

and she is from south africa OMG im going to go the world cup in 2010 4 sure

Surfman3745d ago

#1 octopus
#2 mantis
#3 raven
#4 wolf

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The story is too old to be commented.