Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Western Demo Date Revealed

Junkie Monkeys: During Nintendo's Treehouse Twitch stream, a demo date has been revealed for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS for territories outside of Japan.

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voodoochild3461525d ago

The 19th? It's a shame that I know the new 3ds is coming out or I would have tried to get an xl for my birthday. I guess I'll just go to Gamestop or Bestbuy to play the demo.

TekoIie1525d ago

That should be enough to hold me over until the 3DS versions launch ^-^

Pikachu is one of my mains so it'll be fun to see if hes still as good as he was in Brawl. Also looking forward to trying out villager since his moveset looks weird and interesting.

live2play1525d ago

Platnium club nintendo members get a code to download it wuth unlimited uses today. Plus 3 more to share with others

WillGuitarGuy1525d ago

Yup, says that in the article

TXIDarkAvenger1525d ago

So hyped for this. Hope there isn't any trouble downloading it like the whole Pokemon Bank fiasco.

Geekman1524d ago

This is the Wii U section why, exactly?