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Twinfinite writes "Hype can be a double-edged sword. Spending hundreds of millions to market magma as a “High Quality Resurfacing Solution” doesn’t change the product. It still burns down villages, it still creeps across the ground at half the speed of pouring jam, and it still strikes fear into millions. With reports of Activision spending $500 million on Bungie’s latest FPS/RPG franchise that’s supposedly an MMO but not an MMO Destiny, one does have to wonder how much of this went to development and how much went to marketing."

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aviator1891553d ago

Jeez, the reviews for this game are ending up worse than I thought they would. :/

DarkOcelet1553d ago

Its a shame that he is right , the game was a major disappointment , i mean its budget doesnt feel like a quality bungie game and the game story was not good at all and it feels like the game is just wave after wave doing the same thing over and over again .

frelyler1553d ago

They gimped the game in the name of DLC, it's Titanfall all over again.

joab7771553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

This game is a 9...with the possibility of living up to most of the hype once it gets rolling and more and more features and content are added.

I played a damn story mission on hard w/ 3 ppl last night at level 12 and it was one of the most epic fights I've ever had. We r not even talking about strike teams, or over 20+ level content.

Are most games released this yr really better than destiny? No. They are not. Honestly, it's b/c at launch ot didn't live up to unrealistic hype. Let the game evolve.

I'd rather have this than another battlefield or CoD or Halo w/ another shallow 6 hr campaign just b/c there about re cutscenes. I just don't get it.

mrmack001553d ago

I agree.. Hype hurt it. After the beta I was not hyped at all but bought it anyway and I'm glad I did. Me and my friends are having a blast and as more features are released it will only get better.

While I agree with some of the negative things I've read, I still think the game is an 8 or 8.5 and will improve. Some of the most fun I've had since borderlands and I'd take this over any cod or battlefield

jts18911553d ago

The reviews seem mixed. A lot of people love it, and a lot of people are disappointed. Ultimately, those who are disappointed seem to have had a picture in their mind of what Destiny should have been, and judged the final game in light of that instead of letting it stand on it's own.

Slugfest3211552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I have to admit i never bought into the hype of destiny didnt watch game play vids and watched 2 trailers so i weren't expecting huge thing but was still baffled by how uninteresting and empty it is.

Also i never really liked halo so could be that playing apart in my opinion.

Torque_CS_Lewith1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Actually lava is the stuff that destroys villages and strikes fear in the heart of millions...magma is lava BEFORE it erupts on to the Earth. . .
Off topic? Yeah I thought as much but

3-4-51553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I'm guessing it's from people who rushed through Single Player, & those who suck at Multiplayer.

I'm beginning to think people just aren't intelligent enough to "get" what this game is about.

I've noticed a lot of "Hate" for ALL Games...lately.

Starting to think " something is up" with all these comments.

It's not just this game....It's like ALL games in the past 2-3 months are being hated on by almost everyone.

It's almost like somebody wants gamers to hate all games.

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oSHINSAo1553d ago

Sorry for those PS4 fans, they really want this game get higher reviews just to laugh at Halo Fans

MasterCornholio1553d ago

I feel sorry for Bungie fans in general. I really thought Bungie could produce a great game like they have on the past. I guess I was wrong. Reviews are quite mixed so I dont know if the game is good or bad. I really hate it when that happens.

joab7771553d ago

I wonder how many ppl who feel this way hav ever played an mmo? Are cut scenes really what makes or breaks a game. I'm perplexed. It's like everyone just follows along.

How many ppl hav hit level 20 or done any content on hard or any of the events.

And ppl bitch about content like there's any more in most games released.

XBLSkull1553d ago

A lot of the talent of Bungie joined the 343i team when they stopped doing Halo. Bungie is still a good studio but it isn't the same studio that brought the Halo trilogy to us.

oSHINSAo1553d ago

They will have a second chance you´ll see, like Titanfall, Destiny will get stronger, its kind of sad knowing that the story is weak, i was hoping more in that aspect

Deividas1553d ago

I was hoping this would get great reviews and rave only for Bungies sake...cause they are kinda looking like a one trick pony with Halo...Especially since Destiny really got a lot of influences from Halo series in terms of gameplay and such.

oSHINSAo1553d ago

Let´s hope Bungie doesn't regret from selling the Halo Franchise...

tuglu_pati1553d ago


Why would they. Destiny sold really good and this is just the first game they can improve it in next installments.

Cryptcuzz1553d ago

I'm sure they have been doing that when they were able to play the game early during the alpha/beta demos. I'm sure they did that when it was announced PlayStation would be getting exclusive maps, weapons, gears, etc. and Xbox would not. I'm sure for those "PS4 fans" you speak of, also laughed when it was known that the Xbox One version had a hard time hitting 1080P, while the PS4 beta had already been running in 1080P.

They laughed their way the whole time those "Xbox fans" were QQ about Destiny having exclusive advertisement on Playstation, exclusive content, exclusive early access to the alpha/beta tests.

I for one have been enjoying Destiny a lot (Just got to level 20 last night yay!) It really opens up a lot after level 16, where certain strike missions, RAID missions are unlocked. They have weekly/monthly special events where different things/enemies occur in the game that gives those playing at those times/days chances to acquire some awesome gears and weapons.

Even if this game was a typical shooting game, where there is a minimal focus on the campaign and everyone focuses on the PVP online multiplayer part of the game shortly after, this game would be among the best in the genre. I spent 3 hours just playing PVP yesterday. My favorite mode so far is CLASH (free for all basically) and it's a lot of fun and gets you rare/legendary weapons/gears, as well as experience.

TL;DR Rent, borrow, Gamefly, Redbox, the game and play it up to level 20 and you will see that there is so much much more to do afterwards. Don't buy into the hate bandwagon for this game, simply because its the biggest game released so far.

gangsta_red1553d ago

I don't feel sorry for Sony fans, I would feel sorry for Sony for strongly backing a game that appeared on every single system at launch.

They went out of their way to make it appear it was a Sony exclusive and there wasn't really any need for it.

It's just another example of how hype and PR can be overkill and make people have over expectations of a game.

gootimes1553d ago

Like Microsoft gloating over COD and getting exclusive ad rights? No different than Sony and Destiny...

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1886afc1553d ago

On second thought, you console gamers can keep this garbage.

bleedsoe9mm1553d ago

So Titanfall is still the best AAA next gen console game (not counting sports)

ape0071553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

other than TLOU ps4 game(which is one of the absolute greatest games of all time) titanfall is one of the best along with SM3DW, MK8, DK TF and WD

tuglu_pati1553d ago

While I agree with you that TLOU is an outstanding game. It still a last generation game.

Bleedsoe9mm is talking about game made for this current generation.

gootimes1553d ago

Bleedsoe9mm is talking about game made for this current generation.

Ummm, then he shouldn't be talking about Titanfall, it's made for last gen systems too.

Both games cross gen, both games can be included in the discussion. And TLoU wins by miles.

PrinterMan1553d ago

Titanfall??? Really??? Played it on pc with the free for 48 hours deal from EA. After the initial training (what a freaking bore that was), I only used about 2 hours worth. Left thinking, dang I will never get that time back. I thought it was really boring and looked like a mediocre indie game.

tuglu_pati1553d ago

"...and looked like a mediocre indie game."

really, oukeyyyy...

MasterCornholio1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Actually since your including cross platform games I would say that The Last of Us is the best game on next gen systems.

Just my opinion though.

IVanSpinal1553d ago

TLOU is more like a movie, you play once and you send the game to gamestop, i prefer Multiplayer games.

bleedsoe9mm1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

i wouldn't include it even if it was an amazing ps3 game , wouldn't include tomb radier or halo mcc either .
just to be clear i don't think titanfall is a 10 or anything just the best of a lack luster offereing so far

gamer4lifeyo1553d ago

@ ivanspinal

I disagree. TLOU has a pretty damm good multiplayer so I have no Idea what you're talking about

gootimes1553d ago


You people that troll TLoU really get to me. Just because it had a great story doesn't mean it was a movie!!

It had amazing gameplay and one of the best, most unique multiplayers as well. A hell of a lot better than Titanfall by miles...

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SoapShoes1553d ago

Titanfall is even more repetitive and lacking content than Destiny... I don't know how it got good reviews.

1886afc1553d ago

Titanfall is really good

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markyboy21811553d ago

titanfall hahaha second son all the way

ape0071553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

second son is a good game don't get me wrong but titanfall is actually head and shoulders above infamous, yes titanfall miss some stuff and miss a SP mode but as pure talent, pure design and pure gameplay, Titanfall is waaaay better than infamous, respawn is waaaaay more talented than sucker punch, any real gamer can easily see that, there is no debate

respawn have a chance to make a legendary game with Titanfall 2, the potential is mindblowing

Lionalliance1553d ago

Is this a joke comment lol?

CJDUNCAN1553d ago

they aren't even the same genre though. Titanfall was just as dull and repetitive as Destiny will become.

lolosgolos1553d ago

Always wondered why the brothers Jacket doesn't get socked in the rain or have rain drops on it. I mean that Jacket is so bright you would be so ignorant not to notice that the guys are standing in the rain and not getting wet.Not even a drop. Someone please advise cause I just seen videos and not the actual game

bleedsoe9mm1553d ago

second son is the 3 rd best infamous game let alone the best this generation has too offer so far

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