Square Enix: PS3 Last Remnant Delay "mainly for development reasons"

As you know, the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Square Enix's The Last Remnant will come out sometime after the Xbox 360 version. In a new interview with Square Enix, GameSpy asked them why it is coming out on the Xbox 360 first.

"This is mainly for development reasons. We're developing the game using the middleware Unreal Engine, and the Unreal Engine has a slower development on the PS3 side. It was only really workable after Unreal Tournament was published, so this was mainly a development decision."

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sonarus3836d ago

Just as i suspected. Getting UT3 to come out first on the PS3 was a smart move by sony because it allowed Epic to tackle the UE3 problems with the PS3 first hand and then pass it on to other devs. Now its a lot easier for other developers making games running on the unreal engine

Meus Renaissance3836d ago

Well if developers like SE are still having problems with what, what exactly has Sony achieved with Epic?

Wildarmsjecht3836d ago

I think its more that the UE isn't an engine for every platform anymore, and even though it's "supposed" to be easy, when there's other ways to make essentially the same game, the UE falls short. But for multiplats that choose to use the engine, there's going to be some issues involved.

sonarus3836d ago

Well development is rolling on and didn't really start rolling till UT3 so they have achieved something:D

solidt123836d ago

Im glad they explained this. i can't til this game comes out on the PS3.

deeznuts3836d ago

Meus, these games take years to develop. If Epic and Sony didn't get it started, it is possible the delay could be longer to get running the same on both.

Just guessing.

mikeslemonade3836d ago

Unreal 3 engine will be a thing of the past after the next set of Unreal 3 engine games are annouced. The engine has been done to death everything from sports games to RPGs. As a developer you don't want to make a generic game.

ThanatosDMC3836d ago

Is it me or chances are this game is probably going to look outdated and will be plagued with small maps and lots of loading screens. Just as Army of Two and other Unreal Engine games...

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Wildarmsjecht3836d ago

I dont know if its Bioshock incident, cuz MS made it seem as if it were exclusive. This is garaunteed to come to the PS3, but the Unreal Engine still isn't user friendly with the PS3, so it'll take more time. With SE having some financial issues, they probably wanted to get something out and make some form of money. Still, so long as they're working on it and making it a good release on the PS3. Who knows. Maybe they'll throw in a little something extra, like a demo for FF13 or versus by the time it comes out.

chidj23836d ago

they should trie the withe engine the same of FF13

o i rememeber something

the xbox 360 cant support withe engine

3836d ago
v1c1ous3836d ago

the white engine has been redone to work even with the wii

but nice try with the troll comment.

iamtehpwn3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

However, the PS3 build of Crystal Tools can use the Cell's SPEs giving it an distinct advantage. Square Enix says the result is near CGI quality in Real time.

But I still think they should have used (the white engine)Crystal tools.

IQUITN4G3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Wow sense the bitterness

pwnsause3836d ago

Crystal Tools engine is compatible with the 360, but optimized to work amazing with the PS3. expect an MMO by square enix with this engine on both platforms.

PirateThom3836d ago

The only reason this doesn't use Crystal Tools is because it was in development when White Engine was around and only worked with PS3.

Because Last Remnant is a multiplatform game, they licensed UE.

Expect any SE multiplats in the future to use Crystal Tools and have an advantage on PS3 due to SPE use and the fact it will be the lead platform.

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TheHater3836d ago

And I am sure the Green the got from MS didn't have anything to do with it. :)

g3nkie3836d ago

What? M$ wouldn't do that.


The UE3 was really designed with the pc and 360 in mined. All games that has used this engine on the ps3 has been delayed time after time..this is no surprise.