AMD Cinema 2.0 Revealed: The Micro Way

WhatIfGaming describes AMD Cinema 2.0 in extreme detail. Not just a press release or quote hash from AMD.

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Xakep3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I always supported AMD but I choose NVidia cards over ATI, not sure if this is going to make me switch over (lord knows I don't want to go Intel). Although, if my home/work performance is anything like that demo (not bloody likely) then all signs are pointing to yes.

SiLeNt KNighT3830d ago

i love awesome graphics but tbh claiming Cinema 2.0 is pretty bold. the graphics looked great but "identical" to a movie... i dont think so. my 20/20 vision may be the culprit!

Xi3829d ago

it completely misses the point on cinema 2.0. It's so that inhouse developers can use the same videogame assets for movies, and movie assets for game.

So, if a developer is making a game based off of a film then they can use those game assets in their title.

Or if a developer wishes to use "cg" animation for a cinimatic in their game they can have the same assets.

it's main design is to cut work down, and increase quality.