GameStop Violates Nintendo's Free Pokémon Giveaway

Hardcore Gamer: It has recently come to our attention that GameStop locations are being dishonest with their supposedly free giveaways. Their trickery has been evident in the past, but now they’re directly contradicting Nintendo’s guidelines. It’s apparently been an on-going problem for at least a few weeks.

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joshw20111554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Just email Nintendo Support. Takes like 2 minutes, and don't have to go through all this hassle. Worked well for me, and I plan on doing it again for the upcoming events as well.

They do take a couple days to respond, though, so if you're looking for the code right away that's not the way to go.

Menkyo1554d ago

Yeah just pre order it it makes no difference that gamestop is lieing and cheating people. You're part of the problem and this way people need to stop going to gamestop.

paradigmfellow1554d ago

They are going to get the game either way.

ValKilmer1554d ago

Why should you? They're holding the *free* codes hostage and doing that lets them win.

Summons751554d ago

Leave it to GameStop to screw Nintendo. I've never been able to get a event Pokemon from them and they "didn't have enough copies" of Xenoblade to give me my copy.

ValKilmer1554d ago

The fact that GameStop themselves stated in text that the card is for pick-up at time of pre-order seems like a violation of the giveaway and an issue that could be brought forward to Consumer Affairs.

GasTankKiller1554d ago

They had this happen at only two stores. You make it sound like its an epidemic.

You can always ask for the DMs number if you find or feel an employee is doing wrong.

ValKilmer1554d ago

Reports of the same occurrence all over the Pokemon forums.

Summons751554d ago

With tens of thousands of stores, if it happened at a few you can bet it happened at many others. Stop defending the scumbags....DMs don't care about the customers.

GasTankKiller1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

lol, that's such a blanket statement for any type of retail. Note that DMs HATE when customers call them to b!tch. Trust me that gets back to the store employees regardless of your comment.

What profession are you in. I'm sure someone's not a fan of you because of where you work. The unfortunate reality right there.

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