Destiny: What’s Next After the Hype?

Destiny the concept has been hyped to death. Let’s take a look at Destiny the game.

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mrpsychoticstalker1529d ago

Halo the master chief collection. That's whats next.

In terms of destiny I guess hopefully the dlcs will be good.

nosferatuzodd1529d ago

GTAV will be the next big thing you just wait

venom061529d ago

what's next after the hype????? Reality sets in.. People better learn to stop letting IGN "hype" them to the point of crazy on Activision titles, because they DEFINITELY do this every year..

cruzngta1529d ago

Agreed bro. Halo MCC will rule all.

joab7771529d ago

Well, it's either that or a sub. Ppl don't realize that mmo's and destiny is, and would hav benefited from embracing that fact, need full teams for yrs to continually release content. Not a map pack once and awhile but real content and expansions. Activision chose dlc, which is what everyone cried for concerning the elder scrolls online.

Otherwise u get a mess like f2p and microtransactions. Destiny will b an entirely different game 1 yr from now as it evolves. The one thing that destroys mmo's is the lack of endgame content in the following 6-12 months after release. At least Bungie is on top of this.

MasterCornholio1529d ago

Planetside 2 and GTAV is what I'm looking forward to the most.

I'm really interested in Alien Isolation but I'm a bit wary of it. Normal after what happened to the last game.

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