Sega Announces Tokyo Game Show Lineup

"This year’s Tokyo Game Show will soon be upon us and publisher and developer Sega has outlined its plans for the event. They will be showing off new trailers for Sonic Boom on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and will also have playable builds at the event. Here’s the games that Sega will be showcasing at TGS."

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dcj05241550d ago

I just need Yakuza to come west, a real next gen sonic game and Phantasy star to come west.

MSBAUSTX1550d ago

I am going to at least play Son8c Boom for one of the platforms. I am watching it and waiting to see. I dont want to count it out before it even releases. As I said in my other comment, i need phantasy star now!

dcj05241550d ago

I hear good things about the 3DS version.

killacal131550d ago

where is shenmue? jk, it's almost
a wet dream by now huh?

Marcello1550d ago

Well let me tell you, SEGA are stupid, they have had all the chances to make things right after they failed with the dreamcast but just didnt !

Shenmue was not a failure the dreamcast was because SEGA failed it. SEGA are just odd & stupid, they could have easily ported Shenmue 1 & 2 over to Xbox 360, PS3 & PC but just didnt prob cos they were too busy ruining Aliens which is another franchise that cant be f**ked up oh wait... SEGA did !! as only they could.

So there you have it SEGA are stupid, proved beyond doubt :/

MSBAUSTX1550d ago

God i want one of those phantasy Star games to come to the west really bad. Probably my favorite online action RPG series of all time.

maniac761550d ago

Only been waitin forever for western release phantasy star onlin$


maybe news on sonic ps4 and xb1?

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