Kotaku: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Review

Metal Gear Solid 4 is a fascinating specimen, equal parts video game and interactive digital cinema. It is both aided and hampered by Kojima's predilection for extensive dialogue and exposition. It's so thematically layered, so steeped in Metal Gear lore that it might be intimidating to new players.

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Sev3829d ago

Even Kotaku, couldnt bash this game.

MGS4 is the best game ever released to consoles.

Jim Crowslaw3829d ago

it is very very good. This is the 1st time ive played a game and am actually happy becuz im stuck at a boss ****. (those who are up to it or passed it should kno who the boss is jusging by the number of stars i put.... i would hate to spoil it for anyone). Ima giv it 2 more days to try to beat him if not, im PMing one of ya for help.

morganfell3829d ago

Oh they tried. That screw head Brian Ashcraft, the chief Sony hater on the planet Earth, has done everything in his power as night editor to downplay and out right defame the title including supporting negative gossip with headlines. Gossip that has been proven to be false.

Whether they damn the game or praise I could care less. Of all sites that claimed to be center of the road, they are the largest group of Sony hypocrites around. If you look at some of the articles they have published, and Ashcraft was the chief spin doctoring architect several times, they offer up negativity that you cannot find paralleled in any 360 or Wii report. People can say otherwise but facts, as a president once remarked, are stubborn things.

Ashcraft has been away on a trip for 4 days and just got back last night. No doubt he was holed up in some suicide prevention center as he contemplated taking his own miserable life to coincide with the launch of MGS4. I only wish he had the guts to do it.

TheExecutive3829d ago

I am really starting to agree with that statement sev. its rising and keeps on coming up!

ThanatosDMC3829d ago

Are you talking about the hardest boss fight in the game? With Liquid?

Just press select and familiarize yourself with the new control. GREATEST BOSS FIGHT EVER!!!

The beasts were actually easy... i was sad how easy it was. I played on Solid Normal first too. Im on Big Boss difficulty now...

morganfell3829d ago

Jim, I know the boss. If you have issues let me know. I took both of the boss's you might say and used them against that boss. Pretty easy fight. PM me if you need help.

yanikins1113828d ago

Dont forget to check in with Otacon for hints on how to defeat bosses.

Finished it last night.

Totally. Epic.

Time to go play some MGO.

For some reason i just couldnt figure out BB3. It was pure fluke that i beat it. Nice gun. 1 shot Gecko kills. My new bff :D

CrashSharc3828d ago

@ 1.3

... that's what she said...


xionpunk3828d ago

Finished it last night. Holy $hit...what an amazing game.Loved the final scene. Time for The Boss difficulty!

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Jim Crowslaw3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

so wth is the review score Kotaku?

EDIT: how can someone disagree wit a question? i swear some of the ppl on this site are bonkers smh. Dont disagree morons....answer me at least.

gambare3829d ago

I didn't disagree neither agree if you ask

on topic: Kotaku more than scores they expose their point of view

Jim Crowslaw3829d ago

thank you for ur insight. thats all i wanted to kno, at least i kno u dont fall into the aforementioned catergory.

TheIneffableBob3829d ago

People use the Agree/Disagree system as a Vote Up/Down system (e.g., Digg's thumbs up/down system). N4G decided to be different and use the words Agree and Disagree for whatever reason. As far as I know, nobody uses it the way it's intended.

AlterEgo3829d ago

Kotaku doesn't give a numerical score...just plusses and minuses of the games.

Better system if you ask me.

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mushypeas3829d ago

over Joystiq...the comment boards there are packed with 13 year Wii and 360 fanboys. Mention one positive thing about the PS3 and you're labled "Sony Defense Force". Its sad.

Isaac3829d ago

From 9.6 to 9.4 in one day after tons of reviews had already come out? Some hater or what?

deeznuts3829d ago

I dunno, but when the N4G meta score was still at 9.6 I went to meta and the score was already 9.4 a few days ago. Just n4g catching up or something.

Bonsai12143829d ago

only way i can think of it is that the n/a counts as a zero.. because nothing low has been added.

and i would prefer n4g's meta because it accounts for every review posted on the site. rather than metascore or gamerankings which selectively put up reviews. while this might let some fanboy sites go through, its better than censoring whats put up.

juuken3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I have all four games. Fun times for me during the summer. ^o^
...Crap, now the theme music is stuck in my head. ._.

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