Sony Tokyo Game Show Livestream Event Schedule Includes 30 Minutes of Bloodborne; Booth Map Revealed

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released the full map of its booth at Tokyo Game Show and the schedule for its stage events, which will all be livestreamed on Nico Nico and available for everyone to check out online.

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Enemy1554d ago

So no one's beat that boss in Bloodborne yet? God if only I could accept Sony's challenge right now without having to go to TGS.

Patrick_pk441554d ago

No one at TGS. There is a video of someone beating it in Gamescom.

Gamerbeyond1554d ago

bladestorm, 100yrs war. BRING IT TO THE AMERICANS.

ps360s1554d ago

is there a Sony keynote?

ps360s1554d ago

thx, cant wait, but another thing...where can we watch it? will it be stream like the pre tgs conference?

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