"An Incomplete Template" - Destiny, the $500 million work-in-progress

Dealspwn: "Destiny reminds me of the original Assassin's Creed.

Wait, come back. Let me explain."

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Ron661552d ago

More like a $5000 f.p.s

Palitera1552d ago

For sure. When a player has paid 300 USD for the full game (vanilla + cut content sold as "expansions"), I bet it will be a great game.

For now, it is incredibly shallow and filled with terrible ideas, like the barren lands and above all the bullet spounge bosses. Obviously I'm not mentioning DLC again because it was referred above.

meatysausage1552d ago

Its kind of obvious but the game was designed for DLC, its a shame that this trend is so common these days

medman1552d ago

An "incomplete template" is what happens when you design a game with great ambitions but also hamper it by gimping for last gen technology. Destiny could have been so much better, but folks will have to wait a few years for Destiny part 2 to play the game we should have been playing right now. The tech is there on ps4/xbone, but because of the budget Activision didn't want to forsake the revenue they gain from 360/ps3.

joab7771552d ago

No. It's what happens when you try to make an mmo for non mmo players.

Good news is that every mmo is a mere template at launch. And Destiny is one hell of a template.

Now, it needs to recognize that it's an mmo and continue to give us the depth that we want. It's getting better already. The 6 v. 6 deathmatch is amazing. Next week our first raid comes.

If they continue to add cuatomization, rare loot to chase, and every social tool imaginable, ot will be fine.

It isn't last. And i wouldn't worry anyway b/c while they made a huge investment off last gen, it will be phased out in a yr or two and all new content will b next gen.

We have to remember that one of the great things about mmo's is that the game continually evolves and gets bigger and better based in.part on what we want from it. It's a damn fine beginning.

Shadonic1552d ago

dude did you try out the Heroic strikes ? It makes the ones you get in the beginning seem like tutuorials.

Tout Man Ifik1551d ago

This guy gets it. Everyone else is filled with blind hate. Kinda sad to be honest. Don't worry the next COD will be along shortly "sheeple".

Palitera1552d ago

No. It's what happens when you disguise a DLC vending machine as a full game.

Qwagy UK1552d ago

BUNGIE.......who? Thank god 343 is at the helm now.

JackOfAllBlades1552d ago

That's one of the most asinine comments I've read in a long time.

DanielGearSolid1552d ago

Do ppl really just not research anything...

$500 mil is support over the life of the game.... Its not the Dev costs.

Meltic1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

The freaking loading times is huge in this game. i dont understand why. Just look at dragon age the new game or the witcher. These games are twice as big as Destiny and still Destiny loads very long. Its frustrating.

HacSawJimThugin1551d ago

Agreed. When asked what next gen feature I wanted the most at the beginning of this console cycle I stated shorter load times. All I got were disagrees like who doesn't want shorter load times?

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