Sony Announces Full Tokyo Game Show Line-Up: 70 PS4 Games, 33 PS Vita; Deep Down Will Get a Video

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released today a new list with full line-up of games that the publisher will showcasee at Tokyo Game Show, including those that will be displayed only via video.

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Kayant1072d ago

Waiting for more Bloodborne and new deep down video.

PinkEye1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Me too. Want some actual persona 5 and Metal Gear Online 3 gameplay footage too.

smooch_3571072d ago

What is this Metal Gear Online 3 you speak of good sir????

ocelot071072d ago

Excluding Portable Ops and Peace Walker. Only 3 MGS titles ever released with competitive online modes. MGS3,MGS4 (only mode was sold on separate disc in Japan) and now MGS5 will also have Online MP.

So am pretty sure he means MGS5 online modes.

GrandpaSnake1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

metal gear online on ps2 was epic then on ps3 was even more insane. the game had a wicked learning curve. Not to mention that metal gear online is always showed off on tgs, it is also the main reason why i was dissapointed with the phantom pain supposed multiplayer unveil.

Magicite1072d ago

Sony is going for the kill, 2015 will be megaton.

Evilsnuggle1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

70 GAMES b...buuut. ...bu..buuut.but PS4 has no games. Lol lol lol ;)

Serious time now . By next year PS4 will out sell wiiu in Japan. Sony is super serious about the Japanese market with all these new Japanese games. I can't wait until we Hopefully get some good JRPGs out of it. I'm still hoping and praying for a Panzer Dragon Saga 2 or Panzer Dragon Saga HD . I would also love Vagrant Story 2.

Hoping Sony bring DeepDown to the North American and Europe but a full retail version

True_Samurai1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Um..... Most of them are mp and ports

↓↓ don't get so defensive Lol he was trying to claim as if all 70 were exclusives. Don't get sensitive at me homie. And DD is still Japan exclusive


MasterCornholio1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )


People play ports (The Last of Us) and Multiplats (Destiny).

Games are games whether you like that or not.


G20WLY1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

^Sorry Sammy, where EXACTLY did he use the word 'exclusive'?

In fact, it's you that's coming across as defensive here... This is a great showing and folks like you can't detract from that, hard as you may try.

Couldn't you try being happy for all gamers alike?

jrshankill1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Did you bother to look at the list?

Lego Marvel? Playroom? Minecraft? UFC? Battlefield 4? Fifa? Lego Movie? Pro Evo?

gootimes1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )


A 95 rated port that still is the best game out this gen.


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mechlord1071d ago

Persona 5.
Even if its video only, that's what i want to see the most.

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fadeawayjae1072d ago

Ps4 has no games right???

Hellsvacancy1072d ago

Yep, it's going to suck being a PS4 gamer in the coming years, too many games not enough time

kalkano1072d ago

I don't deny that there are a lot of games here. But there's still not "something for everyone". I still have no reason to buy a PS4, while turn-based RPGs only exist in the form of shovelware...Even on consoles, Japanese devs are relying on ridiculous crutches, and expecting us to take their games seriously. I get more out of games over a decade old, so that's what I'll keep playing.

Meanwhile, turn-based series' continue to change into action series', and give me MORE reasons to stay away.

UnwanteDreamz1072d ago

Wow so turn based RPGs is all you play? It must be hard having such narrow tastes. I love turn based JRPGs but I'd be unhappy too if thats all I liked.

kalkano1072d ago


I'll play some sports games, and the OCCASIONAL action-RPG (really has to lure me with the world setting, i.e. Skyrim), but turn-based games are the REASON I'm a gamer.

Even the sports games that are coming out are downgraded from PS3 versions in too many areas.

Spotie1071d ago

About fifteen years ago, I was like you, kalkano. I'm just thinking about all the great games and experiences I would have missed out on if I were still like that.

Oh, don't get me wrong. Rpgs, especially jrpgs, are still my favorite genre. But I don't want to even think about having never played Journey, or Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2, or Ridge Racer IV or Zone of the Enders, or BlazBlue, or HAWKZ. Or dozens of other titles that don't remotely resemble turn-based rpgs.

I guess what I'm saying is: if you don't have the sense to venture out from that comfort zone- particularly, while you wait for the games we all know are coming that are more to your tastes- it's your loss.

Sly-Lupin1072d ago

I was hoping to see the new Gundam game on that list, though.

But I don't think its a complete list of all the Sony-platform games at TGS; its just the games Sony is showing off. Because I know some NamcoBandai and SquareEnix games that aren't on the list but almost certainly will be at TGS.

LazyGoron1072d ago

Why are games like Fez on the list? Because it was free recently for PS+?

KentBlake1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

There are many games on the list that are already released in the US. Maybe they didn't release in Japan yet.

Knushwood Butt1072d ago

Actually, FEZ is free on PSN in Japan right now.

TimeSkipLuffy1072d ago

Because it is not only about games that have not been released yet. They use TGS also for games that have been released. That way they can promote those games for those who haven't tried or haven't heard anything about it yet.

jrshankill1072d ago

People "disagreed" with your post because they thought you were attacking their console of choice, yet you were asking a legitimate question.

This gen's community absolutely sucks.

LazyGoron1072d ago

LOL that's N4G for ya... There should be some sort of regulation on people who bubble down and disagree an abundant amount. Talk positively about X1 and you're sure to get some flak around here.

I like the articles where there's like 5 posts and then every post has the same # of disagrees, trolls disagreeing with every post just cause.

Someone got disagrees for saying they don't speak Japanese and hopefully videos are in a language they understand. Blows my mind.

LordMaim1072d ago

Perhaps people disagreed with his post because the list was of titles that were being showcased at TGS, and the fact that Fez was included in the PS Plus instant game collection is entirely irrelevant.

I'm not sure if it's because of any particular agenda or not, but you sure jumped to conclusions quickly.

UnwanteDreamz1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Gens community? N4G isnt a community guy.

Also who else is tired of all the poor victims of fanboyism. Poor me people downvoted my random comment on N4G boo hoo. Come on man who cares about bubbles and agrees? Dont be a loser. Nothing has value that you dont place on it individually.

Sly-Lupin1072d ago

Its not as bad as last generation. Not yet, at least.

MaxKingoftheWild1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

I disagreed becaus his question is asinine since the list of games and reason for the list are clear. Had nothing to do with bashing any company since the post doesn't do that. But keep that victim mentality going. It makes this gens "community" so much better.

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Zizi1072d ago

I hope the videos are not in Japanese cuz I don't speak the language.

General-Morpice1072d ago

The event is in Japan of course they're in Japanese.