OXM: Ghostbusters Exclusive Interview

Mark Randel – president of Terminal Reality, developers of Ghostbusters: The Video Game – gave OXM a lot of information for their July 2008 issue feature story. Problem was, he gave them so much, they couldn't fit it all in. Here's more Q&A from their interview.

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SuperSharpShooter3835d ago

it`ll be ok ,just as long as they DONT cross the streams!,that`ll be very bad veckman!(love the movie,sigh)

ry-guy3835d ago

I was expecting a bit more of a beefy Q&A but I'll take whatever I can get right now with the Ghostbusters exposure. I'm pumped for this game, easily a day 1 purchase. Hopefully a limited edition release too!

Man, it's a good time to be a fan with the Real Ghostbusters episodes coming to DVD in the fall (thanks Time-Life) and this game as well as some super secret announcement for ComicCon... whew let the good times roll.

Silogon3835d ago

Can't wait for this game, man! I wish early reports held true about Sony getting this exclusive, but oh well. It'll still be on the system and if they use the sixaxis for the streams it's going to be amazing! I hope they do a good port and not an xbox watered down version cause they didn't want to allocate the ram to the system.

I heard they could've made it better if it were exclusive to ps3, though. Well, it came from this site so take it or leave it.